Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lost Business Opportunity


I’d mentioned in my last post about going to Beaver Valley Mall on my lay-over in Pittsburgh. I did that sometimes on Fridays to break the monotony of hanging around the airport waiting for my load. One Friday, I actually talked my mother into going along with me on the route. After taking her to supper at a steak house there, I suggested we take a walk around the mall. As I’d planned, we swung by Frederick’s of Hollywood so she could get an eyeful. Understand that Mom used to make a lot of our clothes and was pretty handy with a sewing machine. Jokingly, I suggested that she let me buy her a half-yard of fabric and a little tape and lace and let her make a few outfits on her way to becoming a millionaire. Not surprisingly, she laughed off the idea.

As things turned out, she stayed on her bank job until the new owners forced her to train a teeny-bopper to do her job and then let her go ten years before retirement. She spent the rest of her work life working dead-end, low paying jobs to make ends meet. She still jokes about my suggestion, on occasion, telling me that maybe she really SHOULD have accepted my offer! © 2014


Chickenmom said...

The way girls dress today, your Mom could have make a fortune on just a yard of material!

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I never had to train any teeny boppers but I had a company bring in a high paid consultant who kept asking me how to do stuff. I got the dumb-shits real fast and would say gee I don't know, you are the consultant, what do you think? So he didn't get trained very well and I found a new job while the gettin was good as they say.

Gorges Smythe said...

You're probably right, Cm! ;-)

Wise move, SF.