Saturday, April 12, 2014


I slept late this morning, since I’d been up late last night posting items for sale on Facebook sale sites. Since I’ve been successful at selling a few things there, my wife has decided to try her hand, except she makes ME do the posting. It wouldn’t be so bad, but my wife never does anything halfway. She now has 31 years of “stuff” that she has decided to sort through and sell some of. She wants to thin her things out, and enjoys getting the money. At the same time, I can tell that it really shakes her up to part with her belongings. I’ve been doing it for years, but this is something new for her. Since folks will only pay pennies on the dollar for most things, I can only imagine the monetary loss she’s suffering.

After taking the Mighty Dachshund out for the second time this morning, we sat on the porch and watched a storm approach. There wasn’t a lot of breeze at ground level, but the clouds were moving along fairly well. The birds were out doing their thing at what seemed like a faster pace, trying to fill their bellies before they had to weather the storm, I suppose. As the thunder got closer, a gobbler on the next ridge began to shock gobble with every rumble from the heavens. I thought that he would surely lose his voice when a passing jet added its noise to an especially long jostle of “the old tater wagon.”

We met a lady in town today who bought a couple things from my wife. She was obviously not hurting for cash, but she still thought she had to get the price knocked down. Most folks just allow for that by asking a little more than they’ll take just to satisfy the egos of all those folks who have to think that they need to have the upper hand in the deal. I don’t know who thinks their fooling who.

I have one item advertised that’s a little more expensive than most things I’ve sold. I did a search to find what such things were bringing and priced it a little on the low end of the scale, since we’re in such an economically depressed area. Even then, some guy who moved here from out-of-state tried to get me to reduce it considerably, but I didn’t. In fact, it was all I could do not to tell him to go back to where he came from. Guys like him come here and steal our jobs and then complain about our state and brag about their own. I figure if it’s so great elsewhere, don’t let the door hit you on the backside.

I’ve managed to get some applications and resumes turned in this week, plus had one job interview. Interestingly enough, it was in a McDonald’s parking lot, standing by the back of a garbage truck. Dern right I’d do it, the pay is very good and I’d get the exercise I need! He’s already interviewed seven other guys, though, so who knows.

I’ve been following the goings on at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. I believe the BLM would have turned it into another Ruby Ridge if they’d had the chance, but they may be too much in the spotlight now. If there’s going to be a civil war in this country, it may well begin at some such event that our insane government thinks is insignificant. I pray it doesn’t come to that, because I think OBAMA is hoping for exactly that, so he can declare martial law and never leave office.

I really believe the Lord may be coming before long. I’m almost to the point of wishing he would. © 2014


Sunnybrook Farm said...

I would like to pick up the trash but only if I could keep all of the good stuff!
I got my set of used tires off of craigslist and there was a person ahead of me who kept trying to get the price down. The tires are in excellent condition and at 25 dollars a tire a fair price. I told her that I had no problem with the price and she let me have them instead of the bargainer.

deborah harvey said...

i've been wishing He'd come for a long time but my husband, a pastor, says the day of the Lord will be terrible and don't wish for it.
on the other hand, st. paul said 'even so, come Lord Jesus.'
so i'm in good company.
you are right about obama. clinton had the same burning desire.
they are all the devil's men and there are getting to be more of them.
the BLM officers are the products of the hippie generation. they were 'educated' in the school system and they have no morals, no knowledge of the Constitution, and would have no respect for it if they had.
it is too bad that rebellion will come one way or another and the powers of darkness will always get what they want in the end.
but those who die in the fighting are just pawns.
you may notice the 'death cult' that wants to abort,murder, and starve the people of the world until only a few hundred million are left.
they never talk suicide for themselves though. they are too precious and too elite. it is the rest of us who must die.
remember that the germans after wwII also thought the end must be nigh. that's because the devastation was in their own backyard.
it is possible that it is just the USA which will undergo the terror this time and the rest of the world will see us on their news programs.
look up for thy redemption draweth nigh.
be of good cheer.
and don't give up hope.
one day Jesus will come!! glory to God!!!

Lady Locust said...

My in-laws live down there. It started back when they rounded up about 300,000 desert tortoises in order to count them and pinned them up and let them starve to death. Now of course they are endangered but making a great comeback. BLM is now using that because the mines want the mineral rights, and the city wants the water rights which they can't have as long as Bundy has them. BLM tried to sell his cattle in Utah, but couldn't do so without brand inspection of course so now are possibly selling them privately and illegally. Why is it that if the gov. wants something, they can just take it, but we citizens are arrested if we do so? Hmmm.
Great post ~ good luck with the job. I know a couple of folks that work at different sanitary stations & they really like their jobs.

Gorges Smythe said...

As they say, SF, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

At least we know who wins in the end, dh.

LL, isn't it funny how we never hear the whole story on the news?