Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Bundy Ranch, Tax Day, Foul Weather and Pear Blossoms


For those who haven’t been following the situation out in Nevada, there’s a whole lot more to the story than the media tells. Understand that I cannot vouch for the validity of any of the information here, I’m merely repeating what I have found at various non-government sources, and which I believe to be the truth. I’m not going to get into the legalities of who actually owns the land, some say Bundy still owns it, while others claim that it had already been legally stolen by the feds years ago. Few people in the media have even admitted Harry Reid’s connection to it all. You see, he represents a Chinese company that wants to put a “solar farm” on part of the land. The Chinese say that cattle roaming through their fields of solar collectors could damage their equipment, so the company wants to get rid of the cattle belonging to the American rancher. Reid is doing his best to help the Chinese company, of course, NOT the American rancher.

The government has been saying that they were kicking the rancher off the land to protect the desert tortoise that lives there. They don’t mention that they have already been killing off the turtles because they don’t think it’s feasible to protect them. I’ve seen figures on the murdered turtles from a few hundred to 300,000. I have no idea what the real number may be. However, it’s obvious that the feds aren’t concerned about the turtles, or they wouldn’t be killing ANY of them. Somehow, I suspect that the construction of the solar farm by the Chinese company might kill a few turtles in the process, as well.

Another thing the media hasn’t mentioned is that a nearby city also wants part of the land for the water that’s available there. Most of you know that when the government, at any level, starts talking about water, it involves a dam, usually with many thousands of acres of formerly dry land being flooded. I have to wonder how land turtles are going to live under water. Let’s face it, the “information” the government has given us through their stooges in the media has been nothing but a pack of lies from beginning to end. Incidentally, Bundy’s neighbors had already given up fighting for THEIR land and had accepted payment from the government that amounted to pennies on the dollar of the land’s actual value. Evil, being as persistent as it is, I’d venture to predict that the feds will be back soon enough. ‘Nuff said for today, I guess.

Today is tax day for America, the day that we should probably be thankful that we don’t yet have as much government as we pay for. Sadly, Tax Freedom Day (the day when your taxes for the year have been earned, thus allowing you to work the rest of the year for your own financial needs) won’t be until April 21 this year, three days later than last year. No doubt that date will move a couple months further into the calendar as Obamacare gets more fully implemented.

I’m glad the winter is over, but I was hoping we weren’t going straight into summer, as we sometimes do. It got into the 80’s here a couple times in the last week, and my wife actually turned on the house air-conditioner yesterday. Luckily, it worked. Not so for the one in my truck. The other day, my wife took a call while we were on a drive, and I put the windows up to make it easier for her to hear. Being a warm day, it soon got hot in the cab, so I turned on the AC, only to learn that it no longer worked. So, I scheduled a time at a local shop to get it repaired. That time was at 10AM this morning. Ironically, on my way to town, it was 36 degrees and huge snowflakes were coming down so thick that you would never have guessed it was April. My studded tires will be illegal here tomorrow, but I’m going to leave them on a couple more days, just in case.

Sitting at the mall the last couple days, as my wife took her daily constitutional, I noticed the ornamental pears were loaded with their white blossoms. Once, I even caught their scent wafting through my open truck windows on the spring wind. Many years ago, I picked a pretty bouquet of them and put it on my mother’s dining room table. In the great outdoors, they had seemed scentless. Returning to the house just after she arrived home from work, I noticed a very unpleasant odor as I entered the kitchen. It grew stronger as I entered the dining room. When I asked my mother what the odor was, she answered my question with another. “Those wouldn’t happen to be pear blossoms on the table; would they?” When I said that they were, she laughed and told me that nearly everyone makes that mistake once. Picking up the blossoms and their vase, I took them outside and put them on the patio table. Like some people, their beauty is best enjoyed from afar. © 2014


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

See Saw weather here, 80s to a freeze in a matter of a day! It will be good to get that AC fixed, my Jeep doesn't have an AC anymore and doesn't defrost worth a darn so I ended up getting a car for hot/cold weather. When my father in law passed away we took his Jeep so now my husband has something with AC/heat since he was driving the Jeep. I drive an hour one way to work and he's not working much as a carpenter so it made sense to switch.

Gorges Smythe said...

So it does, Kathy.