Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Few More Minutes In The Garden

After I disposed of an item to get some cash, my wife looked through a craft store, while I took a keyboarding test in a telemarketing place next door. It appears I must go back to that repulsive business to put bread on the table until I can land a driving job. Later, we gassed up the truck and then went to the Chinese Emporium so the missus could pick up a few things for the fridge. I sat in the restaurant there and read some in the muzzle-loading section of Volume Five of The Foxfire Book, as she took her daily constitutional around the inside of the place.

When we got home, I took out the pooch and then headed for the basement to find the garden seeds that I’d stashed there a year or two ago. I found a pack of zucchini seeds and one of summer squash, meaning that I could have saved $1.88 plus tax if I’d have looked a couple days sooner. Finding a pack of Bloody Butcher field corn and some Rouge vif d'Etampes pumpkin seeds, I headed for “the garden.”

As I mentioned the other day, one old tire casing had been planted with four zucchini seeds, leaving four casings still unplanted. In each of them, I planted three of the pumpkin seeds and eight of the corn in the thin layer of loose soil there atop the original sod. After the seeds sprout, I’ll gradually fill the casings with woods dirt. Even the small amount of crop produced by that small planting will probably be as much as my wife and I would make use of. I need a hill of summer squash somewhere now.

I hope they all produce well but, of course the real effort will be in keeping the critters out of the patch, especially the deer. For now, the only things protected by a fence are the Jerusalem artichokes. Considering that the deer eventually got some of my choke plants last year, and a squirrel ate my four measly tomatoes, I really should start hunting again! Now to get some sort of fence made before the plants get big enough that the deer notice them. No rest for the wicked, I’ve always heard. © 2014


Chickenmom said...

Can you surround them with a chicken wire shaped tepee? Or grow the tomatoes in a container on the porch.
I started my herbs on the kitchen window sill. When they get bigger they go into the flower boxes hanging from the deck rails. The deer won't come up on the deck.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I planted yellow and zucchini yesterday along with some blue hubbard. I don't have trouble with deer since I built the palletsade but the squash bugs have a big time with the plants and I don't know how they would survive without me. I haven't planted in tires though there are enough out at the silo to plant a field of corn. My tomatoes are large enough to set out but I will get the ground ready and try to time it to put them in the ground just before a rain if I can. Sorry you ended up in chinamart again, too bad all the old stores are extinct.

Gorges Smythe said...

I couldn't spare the money for the chicken wire right now, Cm. However, I might get some bale twine from the neighbor, cut a few sticks and make a few low-class wattles.

Well, SF, we still have Krogers and another chain, plud one local hardware store. I tend to go there when I can afford to.