Friday, May 23, 2014


Some folks will find this article a case of TMI, especially the photo. So, if you are one of those good folks with better taste and more discretion than I, you may wish to check out someone else’s blog today. This phenomenon first occurred not long after we had gotten the Mighty Dachshund at age four months. I was seated on the throne and little Coco was getting a scolding from the lady of the house for some puppyish indiscretion when the throne room door burst open and the little squirt jumped into the perceived safety of my jockey shorts, which lay around my ankles. I couldn’t help but laugh. Unfortunately, anytime a slight upset came in her life, she repeated the event. Thunder, jets breaking the sound-barrier after taking off from the airport a few miles away, more scolding from the lady of the house, or the whine of a deadly and dangerous vacuum cleaner all brought the little brown fuzz-ball looking for her “nest.”

The problem was that it wasn’t a particularly sanitary arrangement for either one of us, unless we’d both just bathed. Usually, that wasn’t the case, so I tried to break her of the practice. So, she gradually settled for simply lying between my feet. Still, on rare occasions, she forgets the ban and plunges in the throne room and jumps into her “nest” before I can get my skivvies raised above her reach. Usually these days, though, it’s when she doesn’t feel well that she seeks the solace of her old habit. These last two weeks, though, she has been pouting, since my new job keeps me away until midnight. She feels that I’m neglecting her, because I can’t be on the floor with her of an evening. So, this morning, when she barged in and once again caught me by surprise, I had my wife hand me the camera through the door. As you see, the Mighty Dachshund brought her pout with her. You may also notice that she long ago outgrew her nest and that it now suffers from “overflow.” I knew she needed the sulk, so I didn’t make her move, but I DID change underwear when I arose. © 2014



Lamb said...

Too adorable!

Chickenmom said...

That is too funny! (I'm glad Charlie isn't allowed in the house!)

Mamahen said...

Daddy's girl :)) My girls do me that way if I leave them alone for awhile ....My first stop upon returning home is always the little room, Abby will jump up to give me kisses while Miss Miss makes her nest in my unmentionables.....Good thing changing clothes is the second thing I do after coming home lol.

Mamma Bear said...

Too funny!...We had a Bichon that would lay outside the door. He would howl and run his paw back and forth under the bathroom door while one was on the throne.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...


Gorges Smythe said...

Thatb she is, L.

I reckon you're right, Mh! lol

I guess they just don't like our absence, MB.

I've noticed that's the consensus, Kathy, at least among the gals, the guys are strangely quiet.