Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Work Update And Two Tips From A Telemarketer

Ten of us started the class last week, but we were down to nine after supper. The next day, we lost another member, and the next day, yet another. On the fourth and fifth days, we stayed at seven people. Today, only three of us showed up. All three of us are veteran callers from other companies. Of the four newly missing members (two of which were also veteran callers), only one called to explain. While some of the folks simply didn’t want to work, the others were just overwhelmed by it all. I wasn’t shocked. At my old place of employment, I’d seen classes start at a dozen and end up at two. It’s a high-pressure job to a beginner, and even some veterans.

One thing that’s intimidating at this company, is that while the calls are semi-computerized, the company expects us to handle two calls at once, each with its own monitor, computer and keyboard, and within a month or so, graduate to THREE calls, with yet another monitor, computer and keyboard. We’ve been doing some live calling each of the past four days, doing only one call, plus some practice simulation doing two calls. The practice uses only a small key part of the conversation, so is actually much faster-paced than a complete call and is, therefore, extremely maddening. One night, I swear that I was within a few calls of pulling out my hair and running from the place screaming, but I persevered.

When the three of us newbies left tonight, the trainers repeatedly asked us if we’d be there tomorrow. They stopped just short of BEGGING us to return. I felt sort of bad for them, all three trainers are young enough to be either my son or grandson. I’m sure they’re afraid it will make them look as bad as they feel to lose so many students.

Those things being said, I wanted to put a couple things out there for your consideration. The first is a point that I’ve made before; hanging up on a telemarketer is the surest way to continue being called back. It’s not because the caller is trying to be hateful, but because of company policies and what the law allows. To get less calls, put all your numbers on the national do-not call list. Then, when someone calls, TELL them that you are on the national DNC list and request to be put not just on the DNC list of the business or charity that they’re calling for, but also on the list of the company who’s doing the calling. Hanging up may feel good, but they will NEVER stop bothering you if that’s your reaction!

The other thing concerns those stickers that you get for supporting various police organizations. REGARDLESS of what the organization may TELL you, think twice about putting those stickers on your car. It turns out that many cops figure the stickers just indicate a brown-noser who is expecting preferential treatment for their donation. Therefore, they go OUT OF THEIR WAY, to prove that idea FALSE. In other words, you may actually get WORSE treatment from many cops by putting those stickers in your window. Personally, I’ve never figured out why anyone would want to give money to a police organization anyway. Most are basically unions, and why would anyone with any brain-matter give money to a union to which they don’t belong? © 2014


Mamahen said...

Lol....only a past or present telemarketer will fully understand this post...It truly is a "you have to be there" situation! Hugs n prayers my friend!

Sunnybrook Farm said...

We got rid of our land line and all of the telemarketing calls and more happily all the election calls which I really hated.
I always thought that when someone called the phone you are paying for to sell you something, the politician or telemarketing company should have to put money in your phone account.
I had one telemarketer try and sell me light bulbs and would not take no for an answer until I lied and told them that we didn't have electricity and without taking a breath the guy started to try and sell me some kind of candles that they also had on hand.
I never dreamed of donating to that police organization.

Sixbears said...

Thanks for the inside scoop. Useful information.

I once got a call from an organization that was supposed to be helping disabled firefighters.

"I'm a disabled firefighter," I said, "How do I get help?"

Click! They hung up on me.

Lady Locust said...

At least if you call, you speak English:) The ones I reeeeally don't like are the ones that I can't even understand & yes, I agree with SF - the election calls.

Gorges Smythe said...

VERY true, Mh!

Yep, that's us, SF, just one notch above the scammers. lol

There's a scam for every letter of the alphabet it sems, Sixbears.

I think EVERYONE will agree about the election calls. Ot maybe they fall under scams, LL!

Chickenmom said...

I always get calls from some "PBA" group. I tell them I only give to my family member who is a detective. They hang up quickly.
Glad you're hanging in there, Gorges! It IS hard work!

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm still putting in applications, Cm, hoping to make my escape.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Maybe I shouldn't be telling you this but my father in law used to have a great time with telemarketers. He could really spin a tale and would keep them on the line as long as possible with stories just this side of believable. I wish he would have recorded them, so funny.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yeah, he might have been able to sell his method, Kathy! lol