Thursday, June 19, 2014

A “Bible-Thumping” At Wally World

My wife returned from inside The Chinese Emporium with two small bags in her hands and a disgusted look on her face. It seems a little old lady had approached her and invited her to her church (so far, so good). However, when my wife asked what church she attended, she gave her the name of a self-righteous denomination that believes that they’re the only ones going to Heaven. My wife told her that she was sorry, but she was a Baptist, and that she didn’t want to encourage a denomination that thought they were the only ones going to Heaven. To this, the woman quickly assured her that they didn’t believe that way at all.

My wife let her know that she’d had similar discussions with many folks from her denomination, and all started out saying the same thing but, by the end of each discussion, it was clear that was EXACTLY what they believed. The woman insisted otherwise, so my wife asked her what she considered necessary to enter Heaven. The woman rattled off a few good-sounding (and correct) things. My wife told her that she would agree with all that, and most other serious members of other denominations believed likewise, so she assumed those folks would be in Heaven with the woman someday. The woman’s story began to change then, and she said quickly that those denominations were mistaken, because they didn’t really believe what the Bible said, while hers did.

She asked the woman how that was so, since their professed beliefs were nearly identical. The woman told her that, for one thing, they didn’t have music in their church (I suspect she meant only instrumental music). My wife told her that God liked music, and said as much in the Old Testament. The woman then informed her that they didn’t go by the Old Testament, only the New. My wife’s reply was that she was throwing away two-thirds of the Bible then, and the very part that Jesus taught from. The woman started getting hot under the collar by that time and told her that only people who believed as her church did would go to Heaven. My wife reminded her that was in opposition to what she’d said at the beginning of the conversation.

The woman then told her that if people didn’t read their Bible and go to a church that believed as she did, that they would go to Hell. My wife reminded her that such things were for God to say, not her, and that salvation is between the individual and God, NOT the individual and a church denomination. The woman’s logic continued to deteriorate and her mouth kept running, so my wife told her that she was brain-washed, but that she was free to believe as she chose, while SHE (my wife) was free to do the same. At that, my wife turned and walked away. Before she’d even left the area, the woman had already accosted her next victim. The sad thing is that I’m sure that she didn’t even realize that she was doing Satan’s work, instead of the Lord’s. © 2014


Sunnybrook Farm said...

A good reason not to go to Chinamart and a good reason not to talk to people while there if you should make the mistake of going.

chipmunk said...

This type of "thumping" that people get sometimes very likely turns folks away from Christ. I can't stand that people are out whuppin up on folks to follow a religion, rather than sharing the good news and love of God through Jesus. There's enough guilt and pain in the world, and folks need to know there's a solution!

M. Silvius said...

See that's the problem with Faith, once you ritualize it, it becomes a religion. Next thing you know you loose all sense of the original intent and it becomes all about the brand of the ritual and the ceremony of it all. And then there is the hierarchy, internal politics, the people vying for power within the particular church, and that is how the wars big and small start. Faith I don't have a problem with, its ritualized religion that troubles me.

Vicki said...

Good on your wife for standing up for what is true and right.

Angela said...

Wow! I hope I don't get approached like that! I don't think I could be as nice as your wife was with someone like that.

Gorges Smythe said...

Gosh, SF, you're SO negative! Maybe that's why we seem tom agree on almost everything! lol

I couldn't agree more, chipmunk.

Well, Michael, I've got a strong faith in Yeshua (the one we call Jesus), but not much faith in churches. I suspect we're saying basically the same thing, just in different ways.

Vicki,the interesting thing is that she USED to be so backward!

AW, I bet you would have been Angela. :-)

Pumice said...

That woman was obviously wrong because the only way to get to heaven is by joining my church. So far I am the only member but I am hoping to find someone else that qualifies.

Grace and peace.

Lady Locust said...

There is a poem of 7 lines that I learned in college. It has hundreds of interpretations. I find it odd that some folks think there is only one interpretation for an entire book (or part of a book as the case may be:)

Warren said...

Gorges, your wife handled that conversation well. I think I know what church she is talking about.

Gorges Smythe said...

LOL, sorry Pumice, but I doubt if you'll even find a second worthy person; few people do!

Seven lines, LL? I guess that rules out a limerick.

Probably so, Warren.

deborah harvey said...

hi.grew up with very lovely, God-loving, kind and decent people next door who are of what i think the denomination described is.
she told me one day how their denomination was growing [they thought only 144,000 would get to heaven].
i asked the exact number and when she told me i asked if only 144,000 would make it where would her two little boys fit in since they were already at that number and were getting european converts, too.
she just looked at me shocked like.
they must have modified their stand on that position or what to do with new members?

deb h.

Gorges Smythe said...

A LOT of people don't examine their religious beliefs too closely, dh, yet the very scriptures tell us to reason and test God's word.