Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mental Bric-A-Brac

A woman kept going in and out of a local Kroger’s store for several hours today. Finally, someone called the police, who found that she had a loaded pistol on her and was trying to work up nerve to shoot any workers she saw wearing their new green aprons saying “a taste of Mexico” on them. I don’t condone her insane plans, but I understand her aggravation. With all the Americans currently out of work, why should we do ANYTHING to build a foreign economy? Tonight, on our 11 o’clock news, not a word was said about it. Our local station hasn’t been worth a tinker’s dam since it was turned into a training site for a local college journalism program.

Due to my schedule, my clingy wife and a run of bad weather, the lawn has only been mowed once this year. It’s beginning to look really tacky again. That’s what made it amusing, when we went outside this evening, to discover a card from a lawn service company stuck in our door. We had to wonder if it was from the company, or one of our neighbors. Oh well, it’s nice to know that somebody cares!

We had a couple real gully-washers yesterday evening before dark. Our road now has some ditches full of gravel, while other places, there are ditches where there aren’t supposed to be. Only a few miles away, they had 1-3/4 inches of rain in 45 minutes. The Mighty Dachshund wss pretty-well buffaloed by the thunder and lightning. Anytime there would be a strike nearby, she’d bark and growl at the back door like Thor himself was going to burst through at any moment. Apparently fearing that her food would be endangered if he did, she decided to gobble down her diced cheeseburger before he could steal it. Good plan if you’re a dog, I guess.

Today, my wife and I stopped at the Fallen Arches Restaurant for what is erroneously called an “ice cream” cone. While there, a cop turned his lights on and followed a woman onto the lot and then blocked her car when she parked. Like all good little coppers, he blocked the traffic in the lot as best he could, but failed to completely stop folks from coming for fast food. After watching him for several minutes, it appeared that he was writing her a ticket for something. Since he hadn’t yet shown any tendency towards violence, we decided to leave after our cones were gone. There was a time that I would never have thought that we should stay as witnesses, in case the cop turned psycho. Those days are forever gone. A block down the road, another cop pulled a car over which appeared to be doing nothing wrong, but maybe they were on the phone or something. Big brother must be behind on his monthly ticket sales.

The first two days of each work week (Sun.-Thur.), I work 12 to 9. That really doesn’t give me either a morning or evening to do anything. Considering that I work all evenings the rest of each week, I guess it’s a good thing that I’m not currently going to church, even though I had been hoping to after I got a few checks and purchased some better clothes. This, too, shall pass (I hope). © 2014


Vicki said...

Our world has really changed hasn't it. And not for the better.
I love the Mighty Dachshund's reaction to the storm. I always thought my two were protecting me, but I was wrong. The food bowl is most important!

Gorges Smythe said...

Guess even a dog has to operate on priorities, Vicki! lol

JaneofVirginia said...


I no longer consider trips from the farm to be for "pleasure". I consider them "procurement missions" which require diligence and security. Each time we leave here, I see something which reminds me of a wholesale deterioration in our culture and our nation. We either see road rage, child abuse, domestic abuse, a crime (usually a theft) and occasionally we see what I would consider some measure of police overstep and rarely brutality. So much for a "good rural neighborhood". I don't think it matters where you are now. Anything is possible, anywhere, and at anytime.
Thanks for your great post.

deborah harvey said...

you don't need 'nice' clothes to go to church. wear what you got and go.
love, deb h.
p.s.- there's no news here either . you have got to get it through hearsay.
we haven't turned on the tv for ages. it's useless.

deborah harvey said...

forgot to mention. see if any neighbor has a goat he'd like to stake out in your yard. they'll eat it down and as they move the stake the rest is eaten.
sometimes 4-H kids are raising a goat and want the fresh feed.
deb h.

Chickenmom said...

Never get my news from the TV. Don't trust it - not even on Fox. I miss sitting down with morning coffee and reading the newspaper, but all that news is two days old already. Sometimes I really do miss the old ways.

Mamahen said...

We just recently got back into church, and I have missed my church family...We have lived on a shoestring budget for several years so my duds are well worn n out of style.. Also being +size doesn't allow many choices in fashion anyway, but you know what....most folks don't care n thosr who do...well they can take it up with God :))

Gorges Smythe said...

Glad you enjoyed the post, Jane. It's a maddening world we live in.

You're right about the clothes, dh, I personally don't care, but my wife does. Asc for goats, my wife doesn't like them. lol

Yeah, Cm, I gave up my newspaper a couple years ago;it just wasn't worth the cost.

The ones that truly matter DON'T care, Mh.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Church clothes are always a topic of conversation. They give us the talk about once every couple of years on how we should dress nicely but I say we should dress down, be simple. Growing up I went to my parent's church where everyone dressed up and it seemed that the point was to see how nice you could dress. Our priest really doesn't care but I suppose the organization does. Most of us out here show up in jeans although there are jeans, dresses, suits on occasion. What do clothes matter?

Gorges Smythe said...

I agree, Kathy. Sometimes, I remind people that many folks of Jesus' day had only one set of clothes and were meeting in fields to hear him.