Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Pleasant Fourth Of July

I woke up half-an-hour ahead of the alarm yesterday, so got up and got my shower. My wife had already gotten hers. It was cool enough that we could leave the dog in the truck when we went inside McDonald’s to have a breakfast of gravy and biscuits. Our appetites sated and with a piece of sausage for The Mighty Dachshund, we returned to the truck and headed south.

We arrived at Cedar Lakes, in Ripley, West Virginia at nine o’clock, just as they opened the fair for the day. The fair is called the Mountain State Art & Craft Fair, and this is its 51st year. My folks took my sister and me that first year in 1963, when our beautiful state celebrated its 100th birthday. The original purpose was largely to preserve and showcase old-time skills, but that has changed quite a bit over the years. I didn’t miss the fair for about 30 years, but then they got a little off-track, plus, there were a few miserably hot Fourths, plus a couple years of poverty, so my attendance the last 20 years has been somewhat sporadic.

My wife and I hadn’t been there for three years and we hadn’t been able to afford to do anything at all last year, so I suggested that we go this year, since I was working again. It was unusually pleasant, temperature-wise, with some clouds and a good breeze. The three of us walked and looked and rested and drank water, and then walked and looked some more. By noon, we old geezers and our short-legged little friend were about pooped, so we slipped out of the place just as the main crowd started rolling in bumper-to-bumper.

On arriving home, we all took a nap, then, the missus and I went to Cheddar’s and had a nice late lunch. Looking around us, we noticed that most other folks had ordered nearly all fried stuff. I’m not sure why you’d go to a slightly better restaurant and still order burgers and fries and onion rings and such, but that seemed to be the case. We had grilled fish and vegetables of our choice and it was all very good. Then we went home and took another nap. Later, I slipped outside and did a few odds and ends that needed done before I mowed the yard, then came back in and spent the rest of the evening watching TV with the little woman and giving the dog some floor time. It was a good day. © 2014


Mamahen said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad day :(( Praying things are brighter for you tomorrow!

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Glad to know that info on the refrigerator. Quiet day here, didn't go anywhere.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm sure they will be, Mh, thanks.

I don't suppose it works every time, SF, but that's the second time it's done the trick on that one.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Glad the fridge started working again. When we had a side by side model, the freezer door would slightly pop open if you closed the fridge side so you had to pay close attention. I see that at work on their model too. Design doesn't make much sense. We sat around the fire with neighbors and didn't light off one fire cracker - hugely expensive this year and the fire was nicer anyway. It was cool here though, unusually so.

Gorges Smythe said...

Ours is a sxs, too, Kathy. Sounds like a good fourth to me!