Monday, July 7, 2014

Really Stupid Things That Some People Seem To Believe About Fundraisers

We all work for the same company. There’s really only two of us—one male and one female. Every call that has been made by those two people for that one company in the last 40 years should not only be on record, but should be instantly remembered by the person who made it. There is only one police “charity.” There is only one fireman’s charity.” Donations to those “charities” actually help the rank and file members of those professions. You should have to be a policeman to call for the police charity. You should have to be a fireman to call for the fireman’s charity. If you are NOT a policeman or fireman and call for their charity, you should do so for free, because you don’t have the right to earn a living like other people.

Back when I used to call live, and someone told me that they wouldn’t donate, because I wasn’t a cop or a fireman, I sometimes asked them (VERY politely) if they would prefer that the cops and firemen come in and man the phones, and us telemarketers put on guns to keep them safe and spray water on their houses if they caught fire. For some reason, they thought that was a really STUPID idea! © 2014


Pumice said...

Actually, we might be safer that way.

Grace and peace.

buddeshepherd said...

Everyone hates telemarketers. No one likes to be called and asked to donate money or buy something they don't need. It is a violation of your personal space.
I generally try to be nice to people who call and engage them in a brief conversation but also ask to be put on a do not call list.
My Uncle's farm equipment business gets many telemarketers. When I run halfway across the farm to answer the phone (it has a foghorn for a ringer) and it is a telemarketer I am not happy to talk to them.
I tend to be not so polite.
The agricultural statistics people drive me nuts. They have my cell phone and I have to answer their questions. I tend to lie on surveys and it is very difficult for me to give them straight answers.
I used to have a fellow who was trying to sell me gopher bait. My Uncle's gave him my cell phone number as a joke. He called me every morning at 7 a.m. I had actually purchased his product but it came in such a large quantity that I never used it all up.
Finally I told the man that his product had been such a failure that the gophers had taken over my farm and I had decided to quit doing hay.
There was a long silence.
Then he said he was sorry to hear that and hung up the phone.
Never called me back...
Hope you get a good truck driving job soon!

Mamahen said...

Oh the life of a telemarketer ;))

Gorges Smythe said...

That's true, Pumice, at least for the cop's job.

I'm ashamed to say that I was occasionally a bit rude to some of them in the past, too, Budd. Then I learned that they're paid little more than minimum wage to collect millions for crooked cops and crooked companies.

You know whereof you speak, Mh!