Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Proverbial “New List” In Telemarketing

Nearly every day, at some point when sales are depressingly slow, we are blessed with a “brand new list,” handed down from the powers-that-be in the nether-world of telemarketing. The first time that I heard it on my new job, I remember thinking “here we go again!” You see, truly new lists are made up from currently used numbers, usually found by looking for new business listings, or purchased from the phone companies that SWEAR that they don’t sell their lists. You very rarely get an honest-to-goodness new list.

Now OLD lists that have been beat to death, where everyone has come to hate the charity or business that has harassed them for months, eventually have to be retired. Preferably before the people arm themselves and come looking for the telemarketers. So, they are stored somewhere in storage devices, or old computers, “put on the basement shelf” so to speak, for a number of years. During that time, since many of the former best donors were older folks, many of the people die. Some move; some change numbers, and some numbers are simply no longer in service for reasons unknown. Many of those numbers are eventually re-assigned to other people, some to individuals, and some to businesses.

Eventually, when their current lists become filled with defensive, suspicious hate-filled people who have tired of giving to groups who never get enough, they decide they need some “new” lists. SO, they go down to the basement, if you will, blow the dust off the old lists, rename them “new” lists, and give them to their callers. It’s then up to the callers to get rid of the wrong numbers, businesses (if they’re supposed to be calling individuals), deceased folks and out-of-service numbers. When they’re done, indeed, they’ve cleaned up the old list and turned it into a new one, but it was NOT a new list when they received it. Of course, the company will hype the old list as a new one and try to convince the callers that it’s going to be a big deal. It rarely is; it’s just a lot of thankless, head-banging work.

With my current company, the “new” lists seem to average about 10 years old. You can gradually figure it out after enough folks say “Well Mr./Mrs. So & So has been gone for 10 years!” At my old job, I sometimes encountered lists as old as 25 years. It makes for some “interesting” work, especially since some folks don’t appreciate pesky people asking for their dearly departed. Guess it’s all in a day’s work for us sons of perdition! © 2014


Mamahen said...

I really pray God will improve your employment situation! I remember those days! You have my sympathy!

Angela said...

The "Lower your interest rate scam" people are finding new ways to call me. They are using a local phone number that has a name attached to it so you answer it thinking it is someone who has the wrong number or someone you might know because it is a local phone number. That makes me so mad that they are getting by with doing that. They called me 3 times in one day. I stayed on the line to talk to someone who told me my credit card was up for review and then asked how much credit card debt I was in. You know it's a scam because they don't know any of that information. So I tell them I am a half a million in debt. They then hang up on me. The next call I stayed on the line and told the girl that the previous caller hung up on me when I told them how much debt I was in. She said people can't get in that much debt and then she hung up on me! lol I wasn't home when they called again. Drives me NUTS! I put my number on the do not call list again and I'm sure it has been a month.

Angela said...

I forgot! I really hope that you get that other job because I know it has to be hard to be a telemarketer especially when it is you calling them instead of them calling you asking for your service.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Mh; I know that you truly "feel my pain!" LOL

Angela, try to get their number and all the info that you can on them and file a complaint with the State Attorney General. Thanks for your good wishes on the job possibility.

Chickenmom said...

All I can say is that called ID is one of the best inventions ever!
I don't know how you do it, Gorges. 'Hope you get good news really soon about that new job!

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm praying for it every day, Cm!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

That makes sense, it explains a lot. Good luck on the new job but it has been interesting learning about telemarketing.

Sixbears said...

It's a really long distance call to talk to the departed.

Gorges Smythe said...

I justb hope that I GET the new job, Kathy, because I'm already burning out at telemarketing, and it hasn't been two months yet!

Oh, I don't know, Sixbears, that crazy blond chick from Long Island claims to do it all the time! lol