Saturday, July 12, 2014

Velly Intellesting!

I decided that I’d stop at a local auto parts place and get some oil and a filter for my truck. I used to change my own oil all the time on my old truck, so figured that I still could (unless I get stuck under the truck). I asked for what came originally in the truck and found out that it was synthetic, as I thought. The thing is, while the dealership has been charging what I considered a fair price for an oil change, I figured out that they hadn’t been using synthetic oil. No wonder the price was “fair!” Seven quarts of oil, a filter and a bottle of Slick 50® ran me $25 more than what I’d been paying for an oil change, even after a couple discounts. I also got a mail-in rebate for $10, though, so that will get it down to only $15 more than I’d been paying. So now I’m wondering, has the dealership been using the cheaper oil ever since I got the truck, or did they switch last year when they started paying for their bigger and better new showroom?

I’ll take a look tomorrow, and if it looks like I might get my big belly stuck between the frame and a hard place, I may just pay the garage that used to work on my old truck to do the job for me. © 2014


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Hopefully the dealership didn't violate their own warranty by using the non-synthetic oil.
You may have to dig a pit to get under your truck with, just a little trench would give you some room. I can't get under mine very easily.

M. Silvius said...

The dealer buys the oil in bulk and it is delivered by the tanker full, so their price is pennies a gallon and may be why they are cheaper. The only reason I do it myself is because I can keep an eye on what is going on with the cars and don't really trust the mooks at Prompto not to pull the wrong plug under the car. I have been greatly disappointed on more than one occasion with those quickie oil change outfits. Being older cars I just find the need to pay a little closer attention to them and learn why they squeak and rattle and getting under them every few thousand miles lets me do that.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Whoever serviced one of my husband's trucks awhile back used the wrong oil and it caused major problems. I think they ended up paying for the damages too.

Gorges Smythe said...

That's something to consider, SF, though it would take a pretty big trench for me. I've got some cement blocks and a couple oak planks, so I may go that route.

Doing it yourself is always the way to go when you can, Michael; that's for sure.

As they should have, Kathy!

Lady Locust said...

I remember changing the oil in my VW bug back in college years - had to jack it up:) We buy a 30? gal drum of good oil & hubby changes ours (4 rigs.) The oil works out about the same price then we know when, how, and with what.
Have fun.

Chickenmom said...

Slick 50! I remember when they first started selling that!

Gorges Smythe said...

Sounds like a winner, LL!

They still make it, Cm!