Saturday, July 5, 2014

What Can I Say; She Loves Me.

I’ve always said that the only completely unconditional love we ever get is from Jesus and our dogs. Jesus proved His love by willingly dying on the cross for the sins of each of us. Many dogs have proven theirs by dying while trying to save their owner’s life. Thankfully, most don’t have to go to that extreme.

When we got The Mighty Dachshund as a pup five years ago, I was working days, so, while I was gone through the day, I always spent part of each evening on the floor with her. Fifteen months of unemployment got her used to me being available a large part of the day, as well. With my current job, though, I’m working afternoons.

My wife tells me that the pooch goes into a deep blue funk as soon as I leave, and won’t perk up for anything. Well, there IS one thing, it turns out. She soon noticed that it was my voice that her sharp little ears picked up on the far end of the line, when I called my wife on breaks. In no time, she began sitting up (begging) in front of my wife and whining whenever I’d call. Finally, my wife said, “Here, say something to the dog.” So, I told her what a good little dog she was, that I missed her and that she was my little sweetie-pie. When my wife came back on the phone, she said that the pooch was on the floor, happily rolling like a pup.

Since then, she expects for me to talk to her nearly every time that I call, EXCEPT for the last time I call each evening. At that time, I speak to my wife for just a moment from inside my truck, to let her know that I’m headed home. The Mighty Dachshund seems to know what that last call means, because she doesn’t beg to talk to me, she just starts rolling up a storm. On my arrival each night, she nearly drags my wife to the edge of the porch to see me. Then, my wife hands me the leash and I take the pooch out to answer nature’s call. After cleaning her up and going inside, she then fully expects (and usually gets) some much anticipated “floor time.” © 2014


Catherine said...

What a sweetheart the Mighty Dachshund is! Takes after her owner.

Sissy said...

We can always count on the love from our little "Furry Four Leggers' and Dachshunds are my favorite, although Choco isn't so little (fat piggy).

When away for some time, I used to call home so my puppers could hear my voice.
Now tell us about the lavender retriever ad. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

JaneofVirginia said...

Dogs are such a joy. You should keep calling like that. Unconditional love is hard to find, at least she doesn't need you to text ! Thanks for posting, Gorges.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

How neat, I don't think our dog misses me that much though I will have to see if she will listen to the phone one day.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

She Does love you! We actually have a take your dog to work day once a year. They won't let me bring my chickens instead so I just go around looking at everyone else's dog. It's sort of a fun day.

Gorges Smythe said...

Maybe you're right, Catherine, we ARE shaped similarly!

The Mighty Dachshund is a bit portly, herself, Sissy (like her owner). I stop by your blog more often than you know, since I don't usually comment. And thanks for stopping by mine.

My wife's the lonely type, Jane, so I will keep calling, but it's nice the pooch benefits, too! lol

Be careful, SF, once in a while, she tries grabbing it, like if sh e could crack it open like a nut, I could get out of that little box!

What can I say, Kathy, some animals are just better accepted than others. Maybe if you'd promise them all a fresh egg!

Mamahen said...

Love this post! I'm home most of the time , so if I do have to be gone, my little one has been known to make herself sick from anxiety We try to make sure one of us is here most of the time, or my daughter or so-in-law can "babysit" lol.

lotta joy said...

Few people realize the extent of emotions and intelligence dogs (and most animals) have. Ours is no different than we are. He has expressions, emotions, feels what we're feeling - even without benefit of knowing why we're feeling joy, sadness, pain. They rejoice with us and suffer alongside us. Mine pulled me out of an unending depression I had when my former furchild died.

Gorges Smythe said...

You know what I'm talkin' 'bout then, Mh!

Maybe that's why the Lord put 'em here, lottajoy!