Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Should Have Told You Sooner

It was frustrating being out of work for over a year. It was even more frustrating to have to go back to telemarketing as a last resort. Thankfully, I was only there a couple months, but I never told you the rest of the story.

The job only paid minimum wage the first week or two during training. After that, it went up to $8 an hour. Following that, if I showed up for work as I was supposed to, the pay was actually $9.75 an hour—still not enough for two people to live on. Naturally, I always received the larger amount, though. After a couple months, they figured out that I was never going to be any good at running multiple conversations and multiple computers, so they switched me to validation and dropped my pay back to $8.

They gave me the news 15 minutes before shift end on the last day of the week. I swear, I got more mean people on the phone that last 15 minutes than I’d had all day. No, I really wasn’t just hearing through “jaded ears;” I think the devil was simply trying to kick me while I was down. When I left and got to my truck, I got out my phone to call my wife and let her know that I was on my way, as I always did. There was a number above hers that I didn’t recognize, so out of curiosity, I called it. It was the co-owner of the trucking company where I now work but, of course, no-one answered at 10:30 pm. I thought right then that it might be the workings of the Lord.

I called my wife, but I waited until I got home to tell her about my demotion and the call from the trucking company. She, too, thought it might be the Lord at work. I played telephone tag with the guy for a couple days, but we finally connected and I got my interview. I knew the guy was a Christian, because he’d sung in a couple churches that I used to attend so, after the interview was mostly over, I told him about the situation. I also explained that had he called BEFORE my demotion I would have turned him down, figuring that I’d be laid-off all winter anyway (and wouldn’t be able to draw any unemployment the first year, due to being out of work for over a year). I ended by saying that I didn’t know if the Lord was leading him to offer me the job but, if he did, I firmly believed the Lord wanted me to accept it. His reply was, “That’s exactly what I’m doing, is offering you the job.” Needless to say, I took the job.

The pay is only $12 an hour, but through the summer, the weeks are 50 hours, so that helps. It turns out that they rarely ever lay off in winter because he will take break-even work to keep his guys working, plus he has salt-hauling contracts. Sadly, the pay is still barely enough for two people to live on, the way things keep going up. Plus, the devil is still trying to throw obstructions in my path, but we’ll make it. The folks are good to work for and I like the job. I’m sure that negatives will eventually show up, but that’s life; I’ll whine and gripe and deal with them, like I always do.

The thing that impresses me is that through all the disappointments, through false hopes and over-extended CDL classes this past winter, the Lord was at work. He even made sure that I got that call AFTER I got my demotion, so I wouldn’t turn the job down, assuming winter lay-offs. God is good; I only wish that I could be a little more worthy of such care. Praise the Lord, and praise His holy name! © 2014


Lady Locust said...

He certainly does work in mysterious ways. Keeps us on our toes I suppose:) So glad you are enjoying your new job.

MuddyValley said...

Gorges: There are those that believe working for a telemarketing company is working for the devil. Good move!
Drive safe!

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, LL.

And who would I be to argue with them, MV? lol