Friday, September 12, 2014

09-12-14 - Riding Shotgun - Hauling Dirt

They’ve been working on my regular truck at work, the last couple days, but I’ve been driving another just like it. One of the bosses asked if I preferred one over the other. Since both are eight years old and have about 300,000 miles on them, I commented “No, only the rattles and squeaks are different.” He was amused (I hope).

Dispatch went really quick today, and I was on site for the hauling job, just across the river, in about 15 minutes. I, and five other trucks from various companies, were hauling red clay from a hillside, to a slightly boggy field about two miles up the road. There, a couple bulldozers and a piece of knobby, steel-tired compacting equipment spread the dirt in thin layers and packed it like concrete. When they’re done filling the area, they’re going to build three big warehouses to join the seven that are already on the site. It sounds like I’ll be working there for up to three months on dry days. (You DO NOT mess with red clay in the rain!)

There are no little plastic privies on either site and no place, like a gas station, along the short route to use the restroom, so the area bushes are getting a lot of business. That wouldn’t be so bad, but there were six office-types walking around the dig for a while today, talking and pointing, so privacy was at a premium. Considering that we’re there from 7am to 4pm, and may be there for a quite a spell, it doesn’t seem too much to expect. When I asked one of the bosses if he could put a bug in their ear, he promised to do so, saying that it wasn’t even legal under those circumstances to operate without one.

We haul from 25 to 27 loads per man each every day we work that job, so that figures about 20 minutes a round. That keeps you hopping, I tell you! The first day we did it, the veteran driver that was working with me threw a fit about having to do it so, since then, he’s been hauling “hot rocks” (asphalt), which I’ve never done and really don’t want to. He seems happier, though, so it must agree with him. The fast pace DOES sort of grind on you, so rainy days, when I’ll be hauling regular deliveries, will seem like a vacation by comparison. An independent trucker has stepped into the veterans place. The guy bought his truck last week and already has an agreement with my employer, for as long as this job lasts. He seems like a nice guy.

It seems no matter where I go, there’s always a couple guys ratchet-jawing on the CB. One of them is always whining or griping about his job and the other is always sympathetic. I guess that would make him an “enabler!” Today’s pair happened to be especially foul-mouthed, dropping f-bombs and taking the Lord’s name in vain with nearly every sentence. Only when I heard them mention counting loads did I realize that they were the two oldest guys working the same job that I was! That was after turning my CB off for most off the day, so I wouldn’t have to listen to the filth.

I was told that I get my regular truck back Monday, and just when the rattles and squeaks of this one were starting to sound familiar! © 2014


Sixbears said...

You know what Gorges? It's good to hear you talking about the job. At least you have a job to talk about and your attitude seems pretty good.

Chickenmom said...

Looks like you are going to be pretty busy for a while! Good thing there is an off button on the CB! Maybe they forgot everyone can hear them - even their boss.

JaneofVirginia said...

Thank you for being loyal to blogging. I often think of how you are doing with your new job and what your thoughts are.
Glad you've found a niche.
As for the foul mouthed set, they are often just folks with very limited vocabularies !

Sunnybrook Farm said...

We have had rain for a month off and on, I suspect you wouldn't have to haul clay here. Probably lots of rock as the ground is so soft. I can see the ground freezing before it ever dries out. Before long those guys will be wishing that they could haul clay.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

At least you are a guy, it is more difficult for women! Hope you get your porta potty! The CB thing is horrible, you can't have one on with kids around. I thought it was illegal to use that sort of language over them? I know the hams can get in trouble.

Pumice said...

The advantage of a noisy truck is you can't hear your knees crack. I rejoice that you are again blessed with productive labor.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Sixbears; I'm thankful to HAVE a decent job. Nothing changes a man's attitude like having enough money to pay his bills, even if there's not much left over.

I was tempted to remind them, Cm, after all, I could turn them off when they started cussing me!

I think blogging is an addiction, Jane! lol As for the other, you're probably right.

SF, I once read of a father who told his son, "It ain't all supposed to be FUN; that's why they call it WORK!"

Kathy, for what it's worth, I've learned that if there are women on the job site,use the jon closest to their location, because it will be the cleanest! And I think it's true about the foul language on the airwaves, but it's hard to catch a moving target.

I thank the Lord every day, Pumice!

Mamahen said...

Makes me just a little bit homesick....The cb language reminds me of a movie hubby was watching n it seemed every other word was the F-bomb.... I told him I could tell they all learned a new word that day....He watched a few more minutes then shut it off :))