Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Quiet Sunday


After letting the Mighty Dachshund pee, I turned her on her back in the grass and trimmed her toe-nails. She acted like she was being murdered, but at a much lower decibel level than elsewhere. The grass seems to have a calming effect on her. While she was little, I suspect someone trimmed her nails to the quick and hurt her, thus causing the difficulty we have now.

I sat in the swing a while with her at my feet. A few farms to the south, I heard the mournful lowing of cows and calves separated for weaning. Another farm to the north never experiences such sounds, for the owners there wean “by the moon,’ and it seems to work.

The woods were quiet for several minutes, but then some crows moved in, with their raucous chatter about whatever crows have to talk about. Maybe they’re discussing which oaks have the best acorns; there’s a bumper crop this year. When the wind blows the tree limbs, our roof sounds like a hail storm is starting. At windless times, it’s more like the withering fire of a small military skirmish.

Across the road on a diagonal, and through a corner of woods, I saw the white pickup pull into the little family plot where the driver’s aunt, uncle and grandparents are buried. It was soon evident that he was doing a little mowing and trimming. Since I heard voices, I assumed that he had a helper.

It wasn’t yet time for the rush-to-church crowd, so the traffic was light. I’m sorry to say that I don’t miss the morning rush to get ready. I always thought they should hold church in the afternoon, after everyone has filled their bellies and aren’t sitting there wishing the preacher would shut-up so they could go eat. You know, it always intrigued me how so many Christians would belittle anyone who worked on Sunday, yet so many would go out to eat that day.

About an hour later, we took the dog to McDonalds and got us and her some late breakfast. The burritos were rather puny; they must have been made by some little girl, or a manager. If you want decent-sized portions, try to get food made by a guy or overweight girl, THEY know how to eat! Managers, though, try to make things as cheaply as possible, while little girls are always dieting, and assume that you are, too.

My computer needed charged, so I left it at home today when we went the Chinese Emporium. I took my Bible instead. I hadn’t been reading it enough, even before I got my job. I simply don’t have time for anything anymore, it seems. Since it was the 21st day of the month, I read the 21st Psalm and the 21st Chapter of Proverbs. It’s a habit that I picked up after doing some reading over at Perpetual Proverbs. After some reading and thought, I napped a little until my wife called and told me to come up to the door and get her.

We’d planned to go for a ride later, but I had a headache and my wife’s shopping had tired her out, so we stayed home and rested instead. Tomorrow, it’s back to work, so that means early to bed tonight. It’s raining as I type this, so maybe I’ll be lucky and get a day’s break from the dirt job. Then again, the dozer man may just skim off the mud on the haul road and put us to work anyway. Either way, I’ll be getting paid, so I won’t complain.

I hope you all have a good week; I plan to! © 2014


Mamahen said...

We have gotten back in church and I have to say I enjoy being back though the I do kinda miss the lazy mornings. We went to Micky D's also for lunch on the way home, and will be going back tonight for services tonight. Hope you have a good week. I have a Dr appointment in the am n if the test go well i'll just a couple of weeks shy of a yr cancer free, so prayers are always welcome!

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm glad you found a church that you like, Mh. And I'll be happy that the results from your test are both accurate and good news!

Angela said...

I think most little dogs just hate to have their nails trimmed. I took my corgi to a groomer for the first time last month to basically get a good brushing and bath but had them to trim her nails. They said she go so upset that her tongue turned blue! So that will be her first and last time at a groomer. I waited to late to do it. She is 7 now.

Prayers for your friend to receive good news tomorrow!

Gorges Smythe said...

Maybe it IS a little dog thing, Angela, and thanks for the prayers.

Mamahen said...

Thank you all for prayers....The Dr said everything looks good but we will continue to do testing quarterly for another yr just as precaution..... God is good!

Chickenmom said...

First of all, I hope and pray Mamahen is finally ok. Secondly, it is so good to see your stories again Gorges. I know it's hard to blog when you are tired from working so hard, and I really appreciate them even more now.

Gorges Smythe said...

Glad to hear it, Mh!

I'll try to do a FEW that aren't truck related, Cm!