Sunday, September 7, 2014

Trimming The Bucket List

My wife and I have been trying to get rid of “stuff” for several years now. Things we once thought that we needed to do things that we once planned to do don’t appear to be so necessary anymore. We probably won’t have the health or live long enough to do many of the things we wanted. We won’t have the money to do others, plus, between Obamacare and Obama’s speeding up of an already crashing economy, I may have to work until my dying day just to survive. I’d originally planned to retire at 62, but that looks impossible now.

Some of my things I’ve sold, some I’ve given away to folks who could actually use them, or were at least interested in them, while some things that had only sentimental value could only be thrown away. For instance, I’d once planned to record all my old 78 records onto flash drives or CD’s, but I don’t know when I’ll ever have the time. As a result, I promised my old Brunswick hand-crank phonograph to my daughter-in-law months ago. I just got the first box of records to her last weekend. I need to take anther box to her before I can actually get in to the phonograph to move it. That will be a little more available floor space for me and a little less for her. I jokingly told her that I’d decided that the way to get rid of my junk was to give it to her.

I wonder, though, will I ever really get a forge set up and use my grandfather’s old anvil and the hammers and tongs that I’ve collected over the years? At age 59, it seems unlikely, but I still can’t make myself trash the idea just yet. Will the old-time woodworking tools that I got mostly from family ever be put to serious use if I can’t retire at 62 and start my little hobby wood-working business? If I have to work until age 80 to pay for Obama’s “hope and change,” it seems nigh impossible. I’d like to see these things go to someone who’d actually use them, but that means that I have to part with them while I’m still mentally with it. It’s the same way with my guns. I’d rather give them to someone who needs them than sell them, but will I ever need them again? I haven’t hunted for five years, but it’s like I’d be giving away a part of myself. Besides, what if they’re needed to kill A-rabs someday? (That’s a distinct possibility with everything that’s going on in the world.)

I bumped into a former coworker in a fast-food joint the other day, as she got food for the two granddaughters with her. She, too, is cutting back on the length of her bucket list (and her current activities), not just due to age, but also due to worsening rheumatoid arthritis. I guess if it ain’t one thing it’s another.

Looking back, I know that I’d have been a lot further down my list if I’d been the hermit that I’d once considered becoming. Too soon old and too late smart, as the Pennsylvania Dutch say! LOL I hope you get all the items checked off your bucket list except one. We all still need something to shoot for. © 2014


Mamahen said...

My own bucket list has shrun over the years due to funds and health slso. Due to the fact many of my keepsakes were lost in when our old home place burned since they were stored in the attic, so I don't have many left. The ones I have ate hard to let go off. As for yours I can feel your loss, but if I were you, I would think twice on giving up the guns.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Most of those old 78s are already on youtube, you would just need the titles to go listen to them and download for free if you wanted them bad enough.
A lot of tools will gain more value after the economy crashes so you may want to hold off and trade them for something when we enter the dark ages. I would keep guns as they will trade real good then and you may need them.
The blacksmith items will come in handy as well, I going to set up a small forge just to fix things with. It is hard to say what to get rid of, anything that stars with an I will be totally worthless, I-phone etc.

Kev Alviti said...

When we moved house a few years ago we should have cut down on what we owned a lot more. Instead we moved it all here and only now are we starting to go through it. I'd keep the tools for now, but hen you know how I feel about tools!

M. Silvius said...

Sometimes it is necessary to rid oneself of life's baggage. Don't let go of the dreams though, they are what keeps you going. Occasionally the dreams do change direction. As for the guns they take up little room and may come in handy one day. Just make sure that you have them inventoried and include provenance, history, your cost, and present value so that mother can turn them in to cash when one day you don't come down for breakfast. Who knows some other fool like me might walk in to a gun store one day and find one of your treasures to cherish for a spell.

Tewshooz said...

Oh ja.....never get rid of any guns.

Gorges Smythe said...

For now, Mh, the guns stay. I don't have that many left anyway.

Good point on the 78's, SF. The woodworking and blacksmith tools wouldn't bring anything locally, anyway.

Yeah, Kev; I feel the same way.

Good points, Michael.

That seems to be the consensus, Tewshooz! lol

Sixbears said...

Old ain't dead. Don't be too quick to give up on dreams.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Tom says if you decide to sell the black smithing anvil and gear, let us know and he'll see what we can do.

My grandmother used to send her old things to us as gifts. It was fun to open the packages and see the mish mash of items that you never expected. I love all those old things!

(Once she sent a tree, a tiny one but still, a tree. Once it was an AM radio that she turned on so it talked in the box all the way from Bethany, MO to St Louis! LOL

Chickenmom said...

Keep the tools and the guns - they will come in handy soon! It's hard to get rid of your 'stuff'. George Carlin always did a funny routine on his.

Gorges Smythe said...

Valid point, Sixbears.

Will do, Kathy. Your grandmother sounds like an interesting person.

That may be true, Cm.

21shergar said...

Visiting the USA, including West Virginia is on my list, Gorges. I like your idea of always having one item to aim for.
59 - plenty of years still to come for you!

JaneofVirginia said...

I shaved my bucket list a few years ago, so you are certainly not alone.
I revised it, and now it's doing certain things closer to home, and with people I care about. There is less travel on it.
I am still going through my parents things after their passings and passing as much of it directly to my kids as they launch. One of my main objectives is not to saddle all my kids with a nightmare of an estate of which to dispose.
It sounds sad, but it isn't. I know that Obama has absolutely nothing to do with the next place ! LOL
Great post, Gorges

Gorges Smythe said...

I hope you make it to West Virginia, Shergar; I think you'd like it.

No, Jane, we don't have to worry about anyone "socializing" Heaven. It's strictly a theocracy (more of a monarchy, actually)!

Tania @ Out Back said...

Don't give up on your dreams and don't get rid of anything that could be useful down the track.

I have collected too much stuff and I am slowing sorting through it as I feel it is weighing me down. A wise old gentleman once told me that "we spend the first half of our lives collecting stuff and the last half getting rid of it!" Oh how right he is :)

Things aren't too good in Australia either, the new ones in power are squeezing every last cent out of people that are already struggling. I can see that Australia will not be a very good place to live in years to come.

Hope all is well with you Gorges. I haven't been here in a while, but I found a moment tonight to drop by and say Hi :)

Gorges Smythe said...

Politicians are the same all over I guess, Tania, and I'm being very cautious what I part with. Thanks for stopping by!