Friday, October 3, 2014

Poly And Cotton

For the first three weeks on the dirt job, the other guys walked around back of their truck, or pulled over next to the edge of the haul road and stood on the running board when they needed to take a wiz. I headed for the bushes. It's not that I'm overly bashful, though I do PREFER privacy when available. It's that with women's lib and all, a female is liable to show up on the job at any given moment. In this day of paranoia and political correctness, I ain't about to take a chance of being accused of indecent exposure.

To have such low morals, we have a surprisingly prudish view on the human body and its functions. In France, a guy can whip it out and water any building at leisure, and no-one thinks a thing about it. In some parts of the orient, they still squat along the road ditch and relieve themselves at their convenience. I'm NOT in favor of going quite THAT far, but a little common sense would be nice.

 I mentioned the situation to the boss, who mentioned it to the owner of where we were getting the dirt to haul, and he finally had a pretty little plastic privy installed. To prove my point, it was delivered by a woman who looked like she could have been a line-backer. Maybe her name was "Poly;" after all, the name "POLYJOHN was molded into the thing. Now I've always seen that name spelled with two "L's," but anymore, anything goes. After the installation, I referred to using the bright yellow facility as "visiting Poly."

I was apparently the third guy to use it. One fellow had dutifully used the little funnel-like plastic urinal in the corner. The other guy had done the "manly" thing and p_ssed all over the seat. Some guys have no couth (or intelligence).

The plastic privy was set up in the morning shade of a huge cottonwood that had already drawn my attention. I'd estimate it at around 70 feet tall and a little over five feet in diameter. Based on my logging and sawmill experience, I'd say it's over 150 years old. It's a bit ragged, but it looks like it's got a few more years in it. That little yellow building under the big tree became my favorite spot on the property!

Ironically, I only got to use the thing for a week before the property owner told my boss that he was done hauling dirt for now and didn't need me, and the other guy who'd been hauling with me. The truth of the matter is that he opened a different dig and needed a couple less trucks, so kept the guys from his own state and dropped us. I don't blame him for that, but why he thought he needed to lie about it, I don't know.

At least I got a picture of "Poly and Cotton" before I left!



Sunnybrook Farm said...

In days of old when knights were bold,
They dropped their load beside the road,
and went away contented!

Ralph Goff said...

A.K.A. Port-a-Potties here. They look about the same and are found at most farm auction sales now.

Chickenmom said...

Can't miss that bright color! I've only seen green ones.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I have never seen a yellow one either but that being said, I don't know why people seem to miss all the time, even in the women's room. As if they would want to use the toilet when it was soiled by someone else.

Pumice said...

Just when I think you might be running out of topics of interest, you strike again. Out here I would approach it from the point of view of yuppies walking their dog with a plastic bag in their hand, ready to clean up after the pooch. Another form of poly perhaps.

Grace and peace

Gorges Smythe said...

Quite the poet there, SF! lol

They can be a life-saver, Ralph!

There's a pink one at the mine, Cm, but we aren't allowed to get out of our trucks, so I guess it's just for the macho guys in the loaders!

Most people are simply pigs these days, Kathy. (Sorry to insult pigs like that!)

We have those at the park, Pumice. The park even has little bags dispensers, trying to encourage the cleaning up of the doggy doo-doo.