Monday, November 24, 2014

Aggravation And Speculation

I was told to report to work 30 minutes later than normal today. That means a little less money in my pay, but it also means that the days of shorter hours are approaching fast. Even then, it was another 30m minutes before they had a load for me. As I was ready to go out the door, they changed my destination to that of another job. I then spent the day traveling between the mine and the job site, which was fine, but I had waits on each end. The mine was working with only one loader-man, rather than two, because one was on vacation deer hunting. I can’t believe they didn’t fill his position. At the job site, our drivers had to wait a few minutes each trip, while they were shuffled between outgoing trucks hauling excavated dirt and a dozer spreading the new limestone. Poor management by their bosses cost my bosses money. That sort of thing always trickles down somehow, eventually, even though we’re paid by the hour.

I can’t wear a watch, since they always quit working within a month, so I use my phone to check the time when I need to know. Unfortunately, my latest phone has a battery that lasts well, but dies quickly, when it goes. So, today, my phone died long before lunch. The truck has a clock, but it doesn’t work. So, I stopped at an auto parts place along the route and got a phone charger that uses the cigarette lighter. Something good happened for a change! Since it’s only using 12 volts, it can be used to make calls and show the time, even when it’s charging. It has a built-in safety feature that won’t allow that when you’re charging with house current.

For convenience, though, I also picked up a stick-up digital clock for the truck. Unfortunately, it was too technical for me to figure out, so I waited until after work and had the dispatcher (a young guy) set it for me. My eight-year-old granddaughter could probably have done it, too, but naturally she wasn’t available.

The wind was strong and gusty today. It tried blowing me around on the four-lane even when my dump truck was loaded. I can only imagine how much fun the semi-drivers were having. I saw one apparently empty box truck nearly get blown off the road by a gust. Sometimes the sun shone today, sometimes it rained, and sometimes it did both at the same time. The temperature was comfortable, though.

Being the first day of gun deer season here, there were a lot of cars parked along the roads and, of course, the law was out in force hoping to write some tickets. Not nearly as large a percentage of folks hunt that did when I was a kid. I think several things have caused that. One, guys have gotten more antler obsessed and less meat obsessed, lowering their success, and turning some people off deer hunting. Two, manufacturers have convinced many hunters that they need all the bells and whistles, raising the cost above what some folks can afford. Three, the DNR has gotten so greedy with their license fees that the poor, who need the meat most, can no longer afford the licenses. Fourth, fewer and fewer people actually live country lifestyles, which always included hunting, though many people still choose to live in the country, Fifth, as much as I hate to admit it, the bunny-huggers have had some success in brain-washing a couple generations of kids into thinking ill of hunting. There may be other influences as well, but these came quickly to mind. And then there are guys like me who just don’t get around like they used to when they were younger! Oh well; such is life! © 2014


Chickenmom said...

I'd be lost without a watch. Don't need to be anywhere, but I've worn one all my life and wouldn't feel dressed without one. We have lots and lots of deer hunter here. We are overrun with deer. My neighbor feeds the darn things. I guess we would never go hungry.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Maybe somewhere in the world there exists a wind up watch!! I was looking for a wind up alarm and did not have much luck.

Ralph Goff said...

I haven't worn a watch in years. I can turn on my phone if I really need to know the time but I usually have good old CBC radio on and know the time that way.

Penny said...

Sorry, but your aggravations make for some very interesting reading. I think one of the saddest statements about huntin that you made is the part about how expensive the licenses are. Too bad people can't have that wonderful source of feeding their families. As kids, we didn't much like the taste of venison, but we ate it because it was food. My mother devised ways to make it more palatable to us, but even if she hadn't, we still would rather have eaten something we didn't particulary care for than nothing. My father slowed down his hunting activity when people started bragging about getting off so many "sound shots." Shooting at noisy bushes? Really?

Gorges Smythe said...

At least he's getting them in range, Cm! lol

The last wind-up alarm that I remember seeing was a pathetic-looking Big Ben a few years ago ay Wal-Mart, Kathy.

I do the same, Ralph, except my phone was dead the other day, so I was "timeless." (Pun intended.)

Penny, your father should have knocked their block off and then said, "So YOU'RE the @&^#$%!