Sunday, December 21, 2014

May God Bless ‘Em!

Some of my readers will remember that I requested prayer a few times as I looked for work. You may also recall that those prayers were answered in a way so as to make the Lord’s intentions very obvious. I’ve been on my job now for five months and still like both the job and the two brothers who are the owners.

They threw us a Christmas party on the 13th at the local bowling alley. The food was plenteous and good, the oration was of reasonable length and they had Santa Claus for the children and grandchildren in attendance (I’ll bite my tongue a bit there). Afterwards, there was two hours of free bowling for those who wanted it. We did have to walk forward when our name was called and our mileage for the year given, where we got three handshakes and a new cap. Overall, it was a pleasant time. I left when the bowling started, since my bashful wife was home alone.

Friday at work, our paychecks weren’t in the usual place, so we had to go into the office to get them. There we got a couple more handshakes, a “Merry Christmas,” and a second envelope. They also told us to get a fruit basket and ham on our way out. The basket was an old-fashioned half-bushel basket filled with a mix of oranges, apples and grapefruit, with a company calendar stuck in one side and a bag of Hershey’s kisses lying on top. The ham was probably about 10 pounds. When I got to my pickup and looked in the second envelope, there was a green bill which was the equivalent of 20% of my weekly take-home.

I was impressed. It’s nice to know that not every employer is a Scrooge. I’ve worked several places over the years, but none have been as generous, not even the multi-million-dollar factory where I used to work. It helps that both brothers are Christian, but they’ve also learned the lesson that showing your employees some heart-felt appreciation builds loyalty. Still, I think they’d do the same even if it didn’t. Job satisfaction isn’t 100% about the money; I made more money at the factory, but I didn’t like the job. I’ve been there five months now, and between the work itself, and my bosses, I still like my job. I suspect that I always will.

Though his personal flaws are the more obvious of the two brothers, the older brother sings in a gospel group. That was part of the reason that I applied there in the first place. We ALL have feet of clay, but at least he was trying to spread the Word.

When I thank the Lord for my job, I also usually ask him to help me do well at it and to bless my bosses with good health and good business (and not just for my own sake). As long as they strive to do His will, I’m sure that He will. © 2014


deborah harvey said...

Glory to God!!!
deb h.

Sixbears said...

I'm so happy the job's working out for you and your employers go the extra mile.

I'd have been happy with the fruit basket alone as I never got anything extra for the holidays.

buddeshepherd said...

I'm happy to hear prayers were answered and you are happy in your job. Enjoying your job is wonderful.

Penny said...

No small amount of patience and faith on your part, letting this job find you, as I recall Gorges! You are a good example of being grateful, as well. I'm happy for you and your wife and the other employees in this company...I always love to hear about caring and mindful employers.