Thursday, December 25, 2014

My Christmas

I got off work at lunch-time Wednesday, after half of us waited all morning to see if we’d get a delivery. My wife had a few things that she wanted to pick up at the store, so I hauled her there and waited in the truck with my computer. That evening, we had our Christmas visit with “the kids,” my stepson and daughter-in-law. She’d fixed a very nice supper and my stepson and my wife did some baby-sitting for a couple babies, so their mother’s could be freed up to visit more easily. We managed to see four of our five grandkids there. They opened their gifts from us while we were there. None of them are blood relatives to me, so it’s easy to love them all equally.

We had a really good time seeing them all, but left sort of early to get back to the dog and the house. We hate to leave the house for very long at a time, since a young fellow tried to rattle his way in our front door the other day, WHILE my wife was talking to him through that door. The anger in her voice finally registered with him and he left. He couldn’t see how close to death he was, as the solid wood door didn’t let him see the loaded, cocked 12 gauge in my wife’s hands. I got home about three minutes later. I WISH that I’d gotten there before he left, then again, maybe it was best that I didn’t, if you get my drift.

Today, we slept in a little. My wife remarked that our frugality wasn’t much fun and that we should at least get each other something small to open next year. I don’t mind getting no gifts, but I wondered how she’d really react to our mutual idea. I guess I now know. Live and learn. Later, we drove around and found that the Chinese restaurants were open, but only one national chain restaurant serving American food was open. They had only a buffet today, which proved to be VERY limited and of low quality. If we eat out again next year, it’ll be Chinese.

We were hoping to get a call from our stepson, telling us that our other granddaughter was at their house and for us to come over. However, she works at a hospital, plus is in the process of moving, so she apparently didn’t show up. Maybe we’ll see her yet, before the weekend is over.  We don’t see our own families on the holidays anymore. My sister sort of ruined it on my side, and her sister-in-law on my wife’s, so, we’re leaning to entertain ourselves more. I don’t care for it being that way, but it’s gotten simpler than the alternative. It’s a shame that “adults” have to be so jealous that they ruin the dynamics of a family.

I DO miss sitting down, saying grace, and everyone eating at the same time and in the same room, but that doesn’t seem to be the way of it anymore. We had a good enough time at the kids, though, to make up for any shortcomings. Besides, family isn’t about blood, it’s about who loves you, and Christmas is supposed to be about Jesus, so we can deal with the rest.

Overall, I’d say that we had a pleasant Christmas. I hope you did, too. © 2014


Sixbears said...

We do what we have to do. At least you got to visit with some of the extended family.

That was pretty disturbing to hear about someone trying to push their way in.

My dog suddenly needed to go outside at 9 p.m on Christmas. There was someone walking down the road in the dark. I shined my spotlight on him and said hello. He said hi and kept on walking, the dog following and barking until he was past my land.

-probably just someone walking off a late Christmas dinner, in the dark, without a light, on icy roads, out in the woods.

Gorges Smythe said...

It may have been someone looking for trouble, or just some troubled soul seeking solice. I guess we never know.

Lady Locust said...

Just food for thought, when my aunt began to be alone at home at certain times, she said she wanted a pistol to keep near the bed just in case, my cousins said "No." They got her a shot gun and said don't pump it until you know they can hear it. They said that sound alone would most likely detour any intruders. I thought that was good thinkin'.
Keep well and Merry Christmas.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I agree with Lady Locust, we have shot guns on either side of our bed plus strategically staged throughout the house. In fact, if I wanted a siren, I think I'd call the fire department rather than the police, the sheriff could be 45 minutes away but the fire department is 3 miles away.

Our Christmas celebration was on the Eve. I will say we did have family there plus anyone else that didn't have a place to be. It was a lot of fun and we had loads of food and presents for the kids.

Angela said...

I'm glad the guy left and your wife didn't get hurt or worse! We are in the same boat with the family get togethers for Christmas on both sides. I kind of like opening something at Christmas and my husband likes to also. I just try to be practical and buy him things he needs! lol

Gorges Smythe said...

Sounds good, LL. Hope your Christmas was a great one!

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas, Kathy. I'm sure that your guests did, too; you seem like you'd be a nice hostess.

Well, Angela, we've decided to get something for the kitchen and call it for both of us, since she cooks and I eat! ;-)