Monday, January 26, 2015

Bits And Pieces

I had another short pay last week. Most of us got sent home after two hours today, also, and may again tomorrow, so it’ll be yet another low pay this week. It’s really no-one’s fault, since we can’t control the weather. A couple guys got a salt run. They had to go clear to the tip of the Northern Panhandle and pick up a load of road salt. Then they had to deliver it to a landscaper in Vienna that does snow plowing in the winter. Considering that it will be an all-day run for one load of salt per truck, that’s going to be some expensive salt. I supposed that they’d use trucks with aluminum beds, so the salt wouldn’t rust the steel beds, but both trucks were steel beds. It turns out that the steel beds dump the salt cleaner, with no hang-ups in the bed. It looks like they’d need to wash them really good afterward, but in freezing weather, they can’t!

I was talking to one of the guys at a well site last week, and he said that he’s seen as many as seven wells drilled side-by-side at one site. They go down straight for a ways, then angle off to wherever they’re going. It seems to me that would be stealing the oil and gas from other landowners. Then again if it’s all in one big pool, that’s probably what’s going on anyway. What probably happens, then, is that the landowners with full ownership of the OG&M rights get the wells, while properties in heirship don’t get bothered with.

I saw a neat trick on Facebook today. A guy took one of the “Wrist-Rocket” style slingshots, put a “Whisker Biscuit” arrow rest on it and used it to shoot arrows. It might not do for deer, but it should do for small game. Of course, I don’t know if it would be legal or not, but in a survival situation; who’d care?

I sent a story into a magazine the other day. I suspect it will be used, but they have a waiting list two years long, and I won’t be paid until they use it, IF they use it. Oh well, I can’t think of any other magazine that would use that kind of article. I have another one that I might send them, too. Both articles have been sitting on my computer for a couple years already, so I better get them out there before I croak or something.

It’s been a long day here at home. Even with my charming company, my wife feels likewise, partly because she wouldn’t let me take her anywhere to get out of the house. She was scared of the roads, though I told her that they were fine. She fixed an excellent supper of pork chops, potatoes and sautéed cabbage. I even liked the cabbage, and usually I’m not big with that vegetable. It didn’t have the bitter flavor that some cabbage does, though.

Well, Carroll Roberson’s show is about to come on, so I better go watch it with the wife and the Mighty Dachshund (she likes mellow music, too). Then it’s to bed so I can get up in time to put out the trash and still be at work at 7 (30 minutes later than normal, due to the weather). © 2015


Angela said...

I hope they pick your article to go to print! I'll ask my husband about the gas wells you are talking about. I would say that most wells aren't drilled that close to the property lines. We don't own our mineral rights, but we have free gas rights from the well on our property for one single dwelling dating back to 1917. When we first bought our farm I did try to buy the mineral rights. It was in heirship with a really old blind man who was paying the taxes and taking care of it that had been passed down the line from back in 1917 when the family who sold the farm kept the mineral rights or something like that. I still am interested in having the mineral rights because I don't think that the mineral rights should ever be able to be sold from the property. I think if you own the land you own everything above and below ground but we don't.

Chickenmom said...

Good luck with the stories, Gorges.
Try stuffed cabbage made with ground beef - it's good!

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Clear and cold here with a little rain yesterday. Tell your wife that you are a professional driver that she has no worries with you at the wheel!

Sixbears said...

You'll probably be so busy come spring that you'll miss the slow winter.

My town uses a lot of sand instead of salt, especially on the back roads. The whole town is on private wells and road salt ruins wells.

Stay warm. Stay safe.

Pumice said...

In six months you will probably be driving twelve hours a day. In time you will learn to balance it out but the first year is for learning. It still sounds better than telemarketing.

Grace and peace

deborah harvey said...

legal in ohio to sideways a well into neighbors' property to steal his gas and to pollute his water with fracking.
politicians' hands well greased every where.
hell is building add-ons at a feverish pace to keep up with incoming politicians.

Gorges Smythe said...

Angela, years ago, I tried to get the Farm Bureau to introduce a bill in the legislature to bind those rights to the land, but they wanted no part of it.

I don't hink my wife has ever made stuffed cabbage, Cm; I'll have to suggest it.

My wife refuses to consoled, SF, about ANYTHING! lol

Thanks, Sixbears. You're probably right about appreciating the slow days during the hectic ones.

No doubt you're right, Pumice.

Sorry to hear about the first, dh, but I'm glad the politicians will have the homes they so richly deserve. lol