Thursday, January 1, 2015

Choosing Sanity

“Experts” may disagree with me, and so may you, but I believe that most “insane” people are that way by choice. Notice that I did NOT say all insane people, just most. There are some folks who suffer such horrific trauma that continued sanity may honestly not be an option. However, you can find other people who suffered almost identical trauma that managed to deal with it. Even counselors don’t tell a person what to do to return from the inner world, they help them to think and choose their way back.

I believe that I was at the point one time many years ago where I could have stayed in this world, or withdrew to the world within. I believe that it was the Lord who made me aware that I had a choice. Of course, once I realized that I had a choice, I no longer had that choice, if that makes any sense to you. If you’ve ever been to that abyss, you may feel bad for those who made the jump, but you, like me, may also be less accepting of insanity as an excuse for doing wrong, particularly violent crime. Personally, I think there should be fewer insanity defenses and more findings of justifiable homicide and such.

Do you know who I think is crazy? I believe that any judicial system that will get the guilty parties counseling to make them “sane,” so they can be punished for what they did when they were supposedly insane, is the perfect example of true insanity! © 2015


Sixbears said...

I'm sane, but the world's crazy!

Gorges Smythe said...

I was wondering who'd be the first to say that, Sixbears! lol

Lamb said...

Here's a secret you learn in medical school:
90% to 95% of mental illness has a physiological cause. Yup.
25% to 50% of that 90 to 95% is related to diet. Too much caffeine, lack of protein (or wrong types of protein), too much sugar, etc.
Even dehydration can cause a *breakdown*.
I think perhaps the 5% to 10% that is not caused by a physical cause is caused by "failing to adapt or cope". A sign of our "nuturing-everybody-gets-a-trophy" society.
We are not as resilient as we used to be. We are not teaching our children to be resilient. It is only going to get worse, I fear.

Mamahen said...

I could have chosen insanity at several points in my life, . and there are those who would debate whether or not J did :))

Pumice said...

Sounds like the sessions I have spent battling depression over the years. You are right, the Lord lifts us out and keeps us in the battle.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

Guess that's why folks should try to eat healthy, Lamb!

You chose the Lord, Mh, so you did right.

He's a great help for those who accept Him, Pumice.