Saturday, January 24, 2015

Oh Me Of Little Faith

Things are tight this winter. As with any business that’s tied to construction, the trucking business (for dump trucks, at least) goes down in the winter. I’ve heard the dispatcher on the phone trying to drum up business to keep us driving, so I know he’s doing his level best. Still, rain, snow and cold winds put the kibosh on a lot of work.

Our pay period runs Friday through Thursday, so they can pay us on Friday and be current. This past Friday, I sat in the break room for an hour before he found me a run. Even then, I was only driving for five and a quarter hours before the job ended and I was sent home. At least we get paid for the wait.

It was supposed to snow Sunday night, but didn’t. Still, most jobs were closed, out of concern that it was only running a few hours late and that it would snow through the day. They kept us there for four hours before sending all of us home but the handful already on the road. They told us to call back about four, to see when to come in the following morning. When we did, they just told us to call the same time the next day. In other words, most of us had no work at all on Tuesday. I DID get good work Wednesday and Thursday, so I ended up with a 30 hour week. That’s not good, but it sure beats the zero dollars that I had coming in during a three month period of my 15 months with no work!

One of my coworkers was talking about how an independent insurance agent in town had saved him a bunch of money. I’d gotten quotes from another company, but they wanted $11 more a month than I’m currently paying. When I called his agent, she gave me a price for $45 less than I’m currently paying Nationwide, AND THE COVERAGE IS THREE TIMES BETTER! I think it’s with Liberty Mutual; the guy said they paid quickly when he had a claim, so that’s the main thing. We’ll probably get signed up with them this week. Combined with the $20 I’m saving on cable now, that will leave another $65 to apply to our needs. I still don’t have collision or homeowners, but what can I do? They’re simply beyond my budget.

I also changed my federal withholding from zero deductions to two. I’d planned on my refund paying my property taxes, but since Obama plans on stealing some of it, I won’t leave it there for him to steal next year. I’m well aware of the old saying that allowing them to hold your money for a year cheats you of interest and pays them, but with today’s interest, that argument is no longer valid. HOWEVER, I need to SAVE the difference so it’s there when I need it, and the devil has a way of throwing emergencies in a poor person’s path.

There’s snow on the ground today, and rain is supposedly coming tomorrow, so I’m wondering if I’ll have any work Monday. It’s easy to fret and worry about it, and sometimes my wife and I both get concerned. Still, I firmly believe that the Lord brought me to this job, and I know he didn’t do so just to let me lose everything I have. The Lord WILL provide! Sometimes, I have to remind myself of that. © 2013


M. Silvius said...

Here in Maine a lot of truckers get hired by town public works departments in winter to do plowing and sanding. It is long hard work with some times 30 hour long or more shifts, but pays very well and includes bennies.

Brenda said...

You said it in the last sentence. God will provide for His children. Claim it everyday!-Blessings

Gorges Smythe said...

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way here, Michael. To plow in the winter, I'd have to be on my feet all summer flagging traffic.

Thanks, Brenda, and bless you!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Why not fit the dump-trucks with snow plows and seek jobs clearing private roads and parking lots?

Sixbears said...

Plowing is a rough gig. Think about it, you are always out in the very worse weather. Yes, the money can be good, but the conditions and hours are killers.

Glad you are saving money on ins.. Those are dollars that you don't have to earn in the truck.

Sometimes we get by on faith more than material things.

Gorges Smythe said...

I think their trucks would actually be too big, Jerry, but I'll tell them your idea anyway.

You're right on all counts, Sixbears. And we never know how much something is just a luxury until we actually do without it and survive.

Mamahen said...

Had to learn and relearn this many times.

Gorges Smythe said...

I suspect we ALL do, Mh.

Angela said...

The insurance companies have me right where they want me. The last time I called around to find another insurance for the house I couldn't find one because we live more than 7 miles from a fire department. We pay dearly because of that fact also even with having a farmers insurance. We owe on the house so we have to have it.

Also, you want to always look at every detail of your insurance bills. Our car insurance just tried to pull a fast one on us. They had our 17 year old daughter as a primary driver of a car and she does not have her license! I don't think they counted on me looking at it and just paying it. I look at everything!

I hope the weather clears up so you can get your hours in.

Gorges Smythe said...

Check the mutual insurance companies, Angela; they don't have stock-holders to appease.