Saturday, January 17, 2015

Random Mental Ramblings

Yesterday, the younger boss asked me if I’d mind picking up his son at the car dealership before I clocked out and I told him that I wouldn’t mind at all. (I didn’t tell him that I’d already clocked out.) So, he gave me the keys to the company van and told me where to look for him. Without my seatbelt extender, I felt a bit asphyxiated, but my heart didn’t stop beating or anything. I was there in about ten minutes and he climbed in before I could ask him to trade places with me.

I told him that I’d been wanting to talk to him alone, so his interest perked up. I mentioned that the company had little or no web page and that, in this day and age, that seemed unwise. I told him that with the busting up of the phone companies, phone books had become almost useless, since they no longer give complete listings for everyone under the sun. As a result, the computer is usually my go-to source for phone numbers these days, and the phone book is relegated to my vehicle, for when my computer isn’t available, but I need to make a call. He said that they didn’t see the importance of it yet, but that he was working on them. I told him that I figured it would help their business with younger folks and keep our jobs more secure in the rough times that I believe lie ahead. I hope his efforts pan out.

As should be expected, after replacing the low-beam headlight on the driver’s side of my pickup a couple weeks ago, the one on the passenger side went out a couple days ago. Not sure how to get the assembly out, I replaced the bulb with the assembly in place, which wasn’t easy. In fact, I broke a little chunk of plastic getting the old one out and now the bulb gradually works out of place. Since new light assemblies start at around $125 on Amazon, I may try to fix it with body putty first. (I wonder if chewing gum would work? lol) I started to replace the other one today, but by the time I came inside and watched a couple videos to show me how to get off the small panel below it, it was getting dark enough that I decided to wait until another day.

Due to another short paycheck, paying car insurance, getting one of our phone cards and forking out $15 for a new headlight, the grocery budget was pretty slim this week. I guess it’s a good thing that we put a little food back when the paychecks were better. That’s what is hard for me to understand about people with no interest in prepping. “Emergencies” are sometimes just in your own family, not the community at large.

For some reason, that reminds me of a saying about frugality that my beloved great aunt used to tell me which, in turn, came from one of HER great aunts, “The time to be saving is when you have plenty.” That advice is pretty logical when you think about it, but most folks don’t ration their assets until tough times arrive.

When I climbed in my truck Friday, it was obvious that someone else had been driving it. Actually, I couldn’t even get into the cab until I moved the steering wheel as far forward as it would go. After driving it a little while, I realized that the heater was working better than normal. It wasn’t working RIGHT, mind you, but it WAS doing better. Apparently, the mechanic was feeling sorry for me. He’s very under-appreciated by most of the folks there, but I always try to show my appreciation for anything he does, and he seems to watch out for me as best he can in return. The equipment is well used, though, so he can’t work miracles, but he does pretty good with what he has. May God bless his little pea-pickin’ heart! © 2015


Ralph Goff said...

Gorges, you just reminded me of an old saying I think my mother used to quote. "Make spare in a plenty" is how I think it went. I think more people need to learn and remember that one.

Gorges Smythe said...

It's how the old folks survived hard times, Ralph. Nobody thinks ahead these days, it seems.

Angela said...

I think every company should have at least some type of contact or basic information on the web because that is how I look for things myself. I can't see the tiny print in the phone books anymore. Most companies have at least a basic listing on fb anymore also. They don't have to have a fb page. Just one of those listings where people like the place or something like that.

Right before Christmas the back blinker light went out in my truck. My husband wrapped up the bulb and gave it to me for Christmas! lol We like to do silly things like that! lol

Sixbears said...

A simple thank you to the mechanic and your truck will probably get a bit better attention than the others.

Every company needs a decent web page these days.

Chickenmom said...

Youngest son had to borrow my old Jeep while his truck was being fixed. He left and came home from work in the dark. For Christmas he bought me new headlights. Bestest Christmas present ever!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Congrats on getting a heater! Or at least a little heat.

Gorges Smythe said...

I have the same problem with the print in the phone books, Angela!

I thank him every time he does something, Sixbears. I'm afraid too many others don't, figuring that "it's just his job."

There's nothing like a good practical gift, Cm!

Thanks, Kathy: I was actually able to drive in my shirt sleeves that day!