Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Triple Whammy

Back in the summer of 2010, after nearly a year-and-a-half of sitting on my backside for seven+ hours a day, I developed edema in my left ankle. Actually, a large part of the previous two years had found me seated, too, as I worked toward getting a couple associate degrees on the government’s nickel. I’m sure the condition had nothing to do with the fact that, for many years, there’s been enough extra weight on me to make a whole other person. As time has moved on, my right ankle developed a little edema, too, and my left leg sometimes ached a bit from the condition.

A few nights ago, I was outside in below-freezing weather, dressed only in my skivvies and L.L. Bean camp mocs, carrying in some jugs of water from the truck. I had no flashlight, and didn’t turn on the porch light, for obvious reasons. The darkness had nothing to do with the fact that I simply didn’t pick my foot up high enough to clear the edge of the porch, and went down, four one-gallon jugs in hand. I landed fairly hard on my left knee and left hand, but didn’t break open any of the jugs.

From the way it felt at the time, I figured that it would be the hand that would bruise and swell. Not so. The knee has been hurting for over a week now, though it never really swelled much. What DID swell was my leg BELOW the knee. As often happens, the swelling has gradually sagged into my shank and ankle, taking the pain and soreness along as it goes. The knee actually feels better now, but the leg hurts like crazy.

Trying to relieve some of that pain, I tried some Salonpas that my wife was going to pitch, because it had burned too much for her tastes when she put some on her arthritic left hand. Since the pain was over a large area, I used a good bit. Within a half-hour, I realized its use was a bad idea. Thinking a milder dose might still be okay, I dry-wiped the area with a paper towel and applied some hand lotion. When the burning continued unabated, I washed off the area with mild soap and dried it. By that time, it was about the color of a regular mild burn, though it doesn’t FEEL so mild. And so it has remained since.

A couple days ago, I put some antibiotic cream on it, in case the burn had allowed infection to start, but that was probably unneeded. The area directly below my knee has returned to normal, but my shin, ankle and now, my foot, are swollen and painful. I suppose it will eventually work its way to my big toe and out the nail! Until then, it still hurts and my foot is swollen enough that I can’t wear a sock and still get my wear-for-everything camp mocs. I have the liners that I wear inside them cut off at about five inches. That’s not so good in six inches of snow, but my jeans ride heavy on them, so I have little trouble so far. I really should look for a pair of winter boots. Or maybe some gators! (Fat chance of finding such a thing in this area.) © 2015


Sunnybrook Farm said...

I bet that when you and all of that water landed, the whole house shook. Maybe the nearest seismograph recorded it!
I have a couple pair of boots that I wear and a graveyard or maybe I should call it boot hill of worn out ones that I occasionally use for dry weather if everything else is wet or muddy. Anyway, you need some boots! Be careful out there in the dark, wear your clean underwear in case something happens.

deborah harvey said...

go to the camp supply area and get a strap to the forehead flashlight. hands free and won't show what you are wearing, only where you are going
deb h.

Mamahen said...

I'm sorry to learn of your fall and all the trouble following it! Prayerz coming your way!!

Gorges Smythe said...

Good idea, DF!

It might come in handy for other things, too, dh.

Thanks, Mh; it's more aggravating than anything else.

Ralph Goff said...

Sorry to hear about your problems Gorges. Those headband flashlights do work well. I'm too cheap to buy one myself but my SIL and nephews use them at harvest time and I see how handy they can be for hands free work in the dark.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I'm sorry to hear about your fall. That swelling sounds bad, be careful with it.

Gorges Smythe said...

One of the older fellows at work uses one to do his pre-trip in the dark, Ralph. It looks handy.

I will, Kathy, thanks.