Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Untold Stories - Unanswered Questions (pics)

Old iron always interests me. My wife thinks I'm nuts and fears that I want to start collecting it (I don't). When I see old machinery, I wish I could see it new and in operation. I wonder about it's age, and sometimes, its purpose. I took this photo along a country road in Ritchie County, West Virginia today. Four things in these photos catch my interest. Mainly, it would be nice the know the stories of the military light truck and the old military ambulance during their service with the government. THEN, it would be interesting to know what the civilian owner used them for.

Between the two military pieces of iron sits the skeleton of a small bulldozer. I can't help but wonder what all that machine did in its time that wore it out so that it ended up where it now sits.

Even the little machine at the left intrigues me. It appears to be four-wheel drive and has flotaion-type tractor-tread tires. Was it made for gardening, competition pulling or mud-bogging? It looks to have a lot of forward weight, like the big tractors you see on the plains, making me think that was for pulling SOMETHING; but WHAT?

NO it's not any of my business! No, I won't truly be any wiser if I know! BUT I'D STILL LIKE TO KNOW! I guess I'm a bit odd that way. © 2015

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M. Silvius said...

Those Dodge M-37s are real gems.
Wish I could have one of them. They are dead-nuts simple to work on and they would get through today's snow without a problem.

Gorges Smythe said...

Michael, it amazes me all the things you know about, you are blessed!

M. Silvius said...

LOL I know a little about a lot and a lot a bout little.... an expert in nothing, and I did not stay at a motel 6 last night either. Just happen to have come across this fellow from North Dakota that has one. He calls his the Chick Magnet as his hits by female viewers go way up when he posts videos on his M-37
The fellow is a bit of a commie when it comes to politics but his videos are good and he does post on a lot of interesting stuff.

M. Silvius said...

How Mr Logcabinlooms arrives at the name for his M-37

Gorges Smythe said...

You're too modest, Michael, I've been reading your blog for quite a while now and see just how knowledgeable you are on many things.