Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Little More About Scythes

Recently, I read that the European pikemen of old were made up mostly of farmers who straightened the shank on their scythe blades and put them on longer poles, The pikes then were used for cutting the neck muscles of enemy soldiers in hand-to-hand combat, plus the tendons of their ankles and the leg tendons of horses when fighting with cavalry. I always assumed pikes were used more for stabbing, but that was more the forte of mounted lancers, I guess.

For a bit of more practical information, here's a list of places carrying scythes, compliments of Scythe Connection. I've dealt so far with Scythe Supply and have no complaints.

Lee Valley Tools – ON
ScytheWorks – BC
Sensen Verein
Czech Republic:
Neil Dudman
New Zealand:
Eco Show
Scythes NZ


c w swanson said...

Great posts on this subject. I may have to invest in one for later this spring, when there is usually a lot of grass to cut. I wouldn't mind saying goodbye to the lawnmower, at least for the field mowing.

Wade Herod said...

About a year ago I remember reading a post by an Englishmen on holiday in rural Spain. He was enchanted to see several farmers walking up the road with scythes. He said it would be illegal in England to walk around with a scythe on a public road.

I guess that would be open carry, but definently illegal. :)

Wade in NW Florida

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm in really bad shape these days, but it still feels good to have one in my hands, cw,

That's a sad statement on the lack of common sense in England, Wade, but then some of my new neighbors give me the hairy eyeball when I do the same thing. I've thought about wearing a black, hooded robe when I mow along the road, maybe that would help.