Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cinnamon Bread, Northern Invaders and Unknown Twins

Some of you know that cinnamon has some health benefits. So does honey. Mainly, though, I like them because they taste good. Wanting to satisfy my sweet tooth without eating complete junk, I’ve been putting honey on whole-grain bread as a bedtime snack occasionally. Recently, it dawned on me that adding cinnamon would give me a way to gain some health benefits, while making my snack taste even better. If I just want a small amount, I put the two flavorful additions on half a slice of bread and then fold it back on itself. It brings back memories of the cinnamon toast that my mother used to make for me when I was a kid. The advantage is that the honey is better for you than white sugar, and the slice of whole grain healthier than white bread.

I think I’ve mentioned earlier in this blog that I’ve been spotting a few gulls around town lately. Today, though, I saw a couple flocks that probably had several hundred members. I suppose they’ve come down from points north looking for open water and bare ground from which to scavenge food. I’m sure it was no coincidence that I saw both flocks in huge parking lots near fast-food joints. Critters soon learn where the food is.

Many moons ago, I took a couple edible foods courses at our local college. While there, I bumped into a guy who could have passed for my twin. They say that we all have one, but it was sort of strange to see myself walking down the hall. The thing is, he also wore jeans as I did, along with work shoes, flannel shirts and even a couple vests like I had. It was quite understandable when my new wife came home from college one day telling how she’d almost hugged the wrong man from behind as he sat at a table in the library. After all, he has longish blond hair, a beard and wire-rimmed glasses like I did, too. I can only hope that he doesn’t look like me today, or he’ll have some serious health issues.

A few years later, I got divorced, and the woman that I would eventually marry lost her husband to cancer. We didn’t yet know one another when she was shopping in a nearby grocery store and a huge pair of arms gave her a bear-hug from behind. When the arms let go and she turned around, she saw the smile on the strangers face turn into a look of utter fright. He turned and ran like a little boy as she stood there and laughed at the obvious case of mistaken identity.

Only about three years later, I had lost my truck-driving job and had hired on at a local muzzleloader shop. One day, I was out in the showroom, filling a mail order from a parts tray, when I heard the front door open. I looked up just in time to see the back view of my wife as she closed the door. The words “Hi Hon, what are you doing here?” were just ready to come out my mouth when she turned and I saw that it was the wife of a local gun dealer that I did personal business with. I was SO glad that I was slow to speak, though she would have laughed and taken it well anyway. I knew that she was the same height and weight, and had the same hair color and hair style as my wife. I just didn’t realize how exact those similarities were! © 2015

For anyone interested, below is a picture of the hippified redneck that once was me. 



Sixbears said...

I had a double that used to hang around all day drinking in bars. Got me into trouble a time or two. I was glad when he moved.

Gorges Smythe said...

Can't say that I blame you, Sixbears. There used to be a guy around here that had a name very similar to mine who skipped out on rent and passed bad checks. It was aggravating getting the calls intended for him.

M. Silvius said...

I think we all have a photo looking like that. Amazing how similar mine looks to yours. LOL

Tewshooz said...

Raw honey and cinnamon. Can't beat it. I just put some honey in a custard cup and some cinnamon, stir and snack on it during the day. Quick source of energy. About a tablespoon or two of honey is all. Never saw a double of me....I guess that is a good thing. One of me is enough.

Gorges Smythe said...

That was 1975, Michael; Imsuppose a lot of guys looked like that. lol

Well, Tweshooz, it HAS to be healthier than a danish! ;-)

kymber said...

all i can say is that one good looking redneck! and yes cinnamon and honey are very good for you!

your friend,

M. Silvius said...

Mine was only seven years later but I think we were from the same tribe.

Lady Locust said...

I'm almost afraid to tell you, but if you find you can't sleep at night, try cutting the cinnamon (it's a stimulant - like caffeine.) I love it, but try to eat it before about 4pm. Do you like mace? That's kinda the old fashion cake donut flavor, not today's cake donuts. It's pretty tasty too.
I've never met my twin - yet:)

Gorges Smythe said...

Sadly, kymber, my looks went rapidly downhill from there! lol Glad to hear from you; I was hoping that I hadn't offended you by turning down your very kind offer recently. Bless you!

Probably so, Michael, probably so. ;-)

I haven't had any problems with it yet, LL, but then I can drink a coke and go to bed, too. Can't explain it, but I can do it.

Mamahen said...

Most days I have wheat toast with cinnamon, honey and a sprinkle of raw oats with my cup of tea for breakfast. Love it! My first husband always said I had a twin who worked i in a truck stop I upper NY tho I never met her....and love the pic :))

Gorges Smythe said...

Sounds good, Mh! The pic was taken where I dug the foundation for my hermitage (that I should have finished and put to use).

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

You look like we did in '75! My husband has a twin. A friend gave me a warning that he saw my husband driving a blue car (we didn't have one) in another area and was around another woman. LOL, it was the guy we went to church with. Exact double and when we sat in the same pew, it was like book ends. We were about the same age. He had a blonde wife and two kids- boy and girl about the ages of our kids. In the pew it was That Guy, His wife, two kids, our two kids, me and then Tom. People would comment on it!