Thursday, February 19, 2015

Grumping, Shivering, Doctoring And Endeavoring To Persevere

Well, my latest pay period ended this afternoon. I have a total of three hours on this pay, so it will qualify as my “waiting week” for low earnings (partial un-employment). Then, should I have another week like this, I can draw a few bucks from the state that I and my employers have paid in. If I’m still working there next year (as I expect to be), I’ll be able to draw more than the paltry amount I’d get this year. Being off work for 15 months really messed things up for me.

I don’t think it ever got above 9 degrees here today. The wind chill made it seem worse. The windward end of the house is the coldest. I never started my truck yesterday, so it had to be jumped today when we decided to make a run to town just get out of the house a while. I carry a fully charged battery in the back for such occasions. I bought it as much for the use of others as myself, but I’ve jumped my own truck as much as the rest of the folks put together. If I was rich, I’d trade the tundra in. It’s not the truck my old ’79 GMC was. BUT, the new GMC’s aren’t either.

I organized my desk a bit more today, but not much. I DID get rid of the old rolodex my wife gave me years ago, when I was self-employed. I didn’t need most of the numbers and addresses any more. For those that I did, I trimmed down the rolodex cards and put them in the little notebook I have that’s made for business cards. My wife decided to keep the rolodex herself. Now there’s slightly more room on my desk.

My cellulitis keeps improving, but it’s obvious that I’m going to run out of meds again before it’s cured. The nurse doesn’t want to give me any more antibiotics if possible, since she’s afraid they’ll mess up my stomach. She told me the doctor now has walk-in hours on Friday evenings and to come in tomorrow so HE can see me. Theoretically, cellulitis can be fatal if untreated, so that would make it a little hard for me to hold a job. Guess I’ll go see the doctor.

Even the Mighty Dachshund seems to get cabin fever, but it’s so cold that she even puts off taking a dump until she’s desperate. As soon as she drains her tank, she tries dragging me to the house. She finally needed to relieve herself bad enough about 9:30 tonight that she made time for a quick hunker and made a momentous deposit in the snow. Back inside, she decided that she wanted to share my lap robe and crept underneath. However, I kept feeling warm air around my leg, followed by a foul stench drifting out from under my lap robe, so I had to send her packing.

It’s currently zero here on Tick Ridge, and is supposed to go down 5 or 10 more degrees, with a wind-chill of -20. We’re watching TV, and I’ve been doing some things on the computer that I’ve needed to catch up on. I guess until the weather breaks, we’ll just do like the old Indian in Josey Wales and endeavor to persevere. I hope ya’ll manage to do the same. © 2015


Mamahen said...

Prayes continued on the health issues! Sounds sorta like us on the endevoring that movie by the way and Chief :))

Gorges Smythe said...

Bless you, Mh; I always know that I can count on you!

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I feel like the old Indian at times, especially with the great black chief in Washington. It was -7 the last that I looked and we have 3 wood stoves going and are holding in the 60s so far. I have missed a whole week of work, well let's say I haven't been there in a week, haven't got to where I miss it yet. They say a lot of the businesses are hurting because people aren't going out to do frivolous stuff like buy over priced coffee at coffee shops. Haven't tried to start the car it may or may not but I have a charged battery in the shed.

Vicki said...

Adding my prayers as well. I have learned a lot about cellulitis recently, for that is what kept me hospitalized for a week and in rehab for another. Take care of yourself, my friend. You are important to a lot of us.

Chickenmom said...

Good that you will go see the doctor. We want you around for a long, long time!
Bitter cold here, too. I will never complain about how hot it gets here in the summer. Ever again.

deborah harvey said...

please pray for our cat, Penny. she is on antibiotics and very weak. needs water but cannot drink. am going to try using a dropper for water.
deb h.

Gorges Smythe said...

It's -8 here, SF, so we're pretty-well equally frozen. Hang in there, spring will arrive eventually.

Thanks, Vicki; I was one of them praying for you at the time, too.

You know, Cm, we all say that, but I bet we'll grump about the heat if our air-conditioner goes south! lol

Some folks don't believe in praying for animals, dh, but I'm not one of them. I've already said one prayer for your furry family member and I'll try to say more (even though I'm a dog person)! ;-)