Thursday, February 5, 2015

Salt Hauling Is Winding Down

I hauled three loads of salt this week. One load went to Buckhannon , West Virginia, another to Heaters , and the other to Gassaway. It’s always nice to see places that I haven’t seen in a few years. My late father-in-law lived at Gassaway for a little while during the first decade or so of the 20th Century. Some of my ancestors hail from the Buckhannon area, plus, my sister attended college there at West Virginia Wesleyan College  for a year, before switching to Marshall University . I was glad to see that there was a Weyerhaeuser OSB (wafer-board) plant in Heaters, so the locals would have some work.

I always remember going by the impressive Departmentof Highways building on the old road into Buckhannon. It certainly looked secure. One of my bosses thought that it had been a prison at one time, but when I searched online, all I could learn was that it was BUILT by prisoners in 1941. I looked online for a photo of it, but with no success.

I had 40.5 hours in the first four days of the pay-period. Yet they kept the three of us who are on the bottom of the ladder sitting in the dispatch room today for four more hours before sending us home for lack of work. That meant that they were paying me overtime to sit on my backside while they tried to find some work for me. They tried, God bless ‘em!

To reference the title of this post, a lot of the winter is over, so while the various DOH garages are trying to stay stocked up, they’re also trying not to be so overstocked as to have huge stores of salt remaining coming when spring arrives. So, unless we have some bad late winter snows, orders will probably be pretty low from here on out. Hey, it was good while it lasted!

Incidentally, my wife and I took advantage of my afternoon off and went over to our new insurance agent’s office today and signed a little paperwork. We got about three times the liability coverage, plus comprehensive, for about 2/3 of what we were paying Nationwide for liability alone. Liberty Mutual will be our new company. I’m sure it would get mixed reviews like any company, but my coworker had a claim with them and he said that they paid quickly. That’s usually a good sign. © 2015


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Getting cold here tonight, it should start warming over the next month so you guys should start getting more hauling soon.

deborah harvey said...

you can haul in youngstown. it's a mess.
however, a couple of flocks of misguided canada geese have been seen going north!
even if spring is early, the almanac says it will be a wet and cold one, as it was last year.
deb h.

Mamahen said...

I HOPE winter is nearly over! I didn't know there was a Wayerhaeuser in WV, we use to haul from them out of New Bern NC back in the day. Sorry the salt runs are over for your sake and hope the weather breaks soon, so other jobs will open up.

Chickenmom said...

Salt is running low in our neck of the woods. Too many snow storms. Luckily you work for good people!

Gorges Smythe said...

I hope so, SF. It's not that I LIKE the long hours, but that I NEED bigger paychecks.

Actually, dh, I think some of the guys delivered salt there last fall, while I was working on other jobs.

Me too, Mh. We had to wait a couple hours before we could start delivering this morning until our customers got their equipment started in the 10 degree weather.

I do, indeed, Cm!

Lady Locust said...

You guys should send some of your winter out west. If we don't get more soon, we'll be in trouble this summer. Glad you were able to get some OT & decrease your ins. costs ~ help make up for the short weeks you had, a little anyways.
Have a great weekend.

Gorges Smythe said...

I wish we could help you, LL. Thanks, LL, my wife says that she's starting to smell spring already, so maybe regular weather will return early, regardles of what the local ground rodents say.