Saturday, February 14, 2015

Too Dern Cold

The digital read-out on my truck dash said that it was seven degrees when I left for work this morning. It was also seven degrees at the yard when I arrived but, in between, the thing dropped down as low as three and five at certain places.
I gave the dump-truck engine a shot of starting fluid before I started cranking it. It didn’t start on the first grind of five seconds or so, but it did on the second. After putting my lunch inside the cab, I parked my pickup and went inside the shop.

A handful of guys got runs at the regular dispatch time, but over a dozen of us didn’t. After a half-hour or longer, a couple fellows volunteered to go out and shut the idling trucks down for the rest of us. We didn’t argue with them. In the office, we could hear the dispatcher calling various customers, trying to drum up business. Three hours from starting time, they still had no runs for us and sent us home.

Being payday, it was sort of nice to get off early, but it means that I’m starting the next pay period with a short day. The weather forecast for next week shows cold and a little snow, so I’m thinking there may be more short days than long ones. Maybe next winter I can draw some low-earnings, but not this winter. I haven’t been back to work long enough.

The inlet behind the shop is frozen over, as is the river beyond. The resident Canada geese are landing on ice for now, unless they go to the big river, about a mile away. There’s been a flock of seagulls hanging around the last couple days. I never saw any around here as a kid, but they’re not uncommon now.

When I got home, we went out and washed the truck, fueled it up and went to the Chinese Emporium to pick up a few things. Then we returned home before the day started cooling down too much. It never got above 23 degrees today. I started to work on my maul a little bit, but it was just too breezy to be enjoyable. Still, I sat in the porch swing a few more minutes to enjoy the day a bit more before confining myself to the darkness of the “cave” (our home with the curtains all closed up for warmth).

We watched the first part of a two-part Civil War movie to pass some of the evening. It was pretty good, but I had to laugh when they talked about a “stone bridge” that turned out to be an abandoned bridge of cast-in-place concrete from the 30’s or 40’s. Oh well, most viewers would never catch it. I’m bad about catching anachronisms, though.

Tomorrow, I’m taking my wife out to lunch at one of her favorite restaurants. I really can’t afford it, but it’s our 32nd anniversary, so I’ll find a way to survive the rest of the week ahead. We don’t do gifts, cards or flowers anymore. She said that she’d rather I just save the money so I can take her to a nicer place to eat. Hey! Works for me!

Stay warm folks! © 2015


buddeshepherd said...

Happy Anniversary!
I'd like some cold weather here. Cold and dry, so I plant for the neighbors and so hay will sell.

Tewshooz said...

Happy anniversary to you and your lovely lady. Nowadays we opt for a nice dinner in lieu of flowers, too.

Gorges Smythe said...

Believe me, Budd, I'd love to give you some! :-)

Thanks, Tewshooz.

Ralph Goff said...

Got a little cold weather I'd like to share here too. -12F with enough wind chill factor to make it feel like in the minus 30s. After all these years to get used to it, I still don't like cold weather.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Gorges Smythe said...

My "cold weather" is probably laughable to you, Ralph, Just like Florida's is to me. lol

Thanks, Kathy. Bless you!

Chickenmom said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your very special gal!

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Cm!

Rick Beaty said...

Happy Anniversary Gorges.....Our 38th comes round the 19th....time flies!!

Gorges Smythe said...

Ah yes, Rick, I remember the day! Bless you both!