Saturday, March 21, 2015

An Empty Lord's House (w/pics)

The delivery that took me past the Washburn General Store the other day also took me by an unused old building with intact white paint. I thought, at first, that it might be an old school house, but the "lights" over the door seemed a bit fancy for such a building. I leaned, therefore, towards it being an old church building. (Click photos to enlarge.)

The matter was settled when I drove a few yards farther and could look back and see what occupied a spot about 150 yards above the old building beyond a wooded slope.

No doubt most of the folks lying there once worshipped in the little frame church at the bottom of the slope. Hopefully, all the folks lying there are now "living the good life." Unused churches always make me sad, because there's rarely a shortage of people around them, just a shortage of interest in the Lord. © 2015


kymber said...

oh Mr. Smythe - those pictures seem so....lonely. we have a tiny church in each of our small sister communities is presbyterian and one anglican. they each hold service on opposite sundays so most people who enjoy the Word of the Lord around here don't really care too much about which church they are attending on any given sunday. it kind of makes me smile. my Uncle Gerald, of the Last Robin blog, got a real kick out of the idea.

much love to you and yours, Sir. your friend,

Gorges Smythe said...

There IS a lonely feel to such places when they're no longer in use, kymber. People have such NEED of the Lord, it sddens me to see them ignoring Him.

Mamahen said...

I agree with you both, especially this picture has a saddness about it.

Gorges Smythe said...

It DOES sort of, Mh.