Saturday, March 21, 2015

Concerned With Propriety (w/pic)

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I sometimes pass the house in the above photo as I make my deliveries in a neighboring county. It was a place where I delivered chicken feed to an elderly lady, back 36 years ago when I drove a truck route. At the time, there was an old barn, back behind where the garage now stands, where I had to carry the feed by hand, as the truck couldn't be driven very close to the building. One day, I noticed two big wasp nests just a few inches above the tops of the sacks as I sat them down. The residents seemed rather aggitated by my activety. I told the old lady, who got really concerned about me getting stung. I assured her that I hadn't been zapped yet, but that I was concerned about her. She said that she'd get her nephew to get rid of them. Sure enough, they were gone the next visit.

The little ell to the rear was the kitchen of the house at the time, and probably still is. I was in it a few times. The lady offered me fresh cookies when she baked, and also offered me sweet lemonade on especially hot days. I always accepted, more to give her a few moments company than my need of lemonade. Old people who live alone crave company; I grew up in a family of old folks, so I understand that.

One horrifically hot day, when she invited me in for lemonade, she was dressed in a full-length slip. She apologized and said she hoped that I wouldn't think her indecent, but that the heat was just about to get her until she took her dress off. I told her her that I didn't mind a bit, and had a much-loved great aunt who did the same thing in such weather. I told that, in fact, she even reminded me of that favorite aunt, both in appearance and personality. She was even the right age (in her 70's) She seemed put at ease by my comments. As always, I chatted a few minutes with her in front of her fan before continuing on my way.

I didn't tell her that one of her neighbor ladies half her age had just answered my knock on the door wearing a half-slip, a bra and a smile. I didn't stand and talk there, however! ;-) © 2015


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Ah the feed delivery stories you could tell had you not been such a fine upstanding young fellow!

kymber said...

Mr. Smythe - i love these stories that you tell and the pics that you share. i appreciate it as a person who has no extended family besides my parents and brothers and sisters who i have not kept in contact with for over 25 yrs, although my personality is such that i would have loved to have had an extended family and a history. even though i am back on the island that i was born on...i am living quite far away from where i was born and raised and intend to never return to that place. i love your stories, memories and pictures. i am glad that you put that lovely lady at ease. based on all of your stories that i have read and from what i gather from your online personality - that would not have been a very difficult thing for you to do.

much love to you and yours, always. your friend,

Lady Locust said...

Neat place. Funny the things we remember.

Gorges Smythe said...

Actually, SF, it's the Schwann's guys who could REALLY regale you! lol

I'm glad you like my stories, kymber. You seem to have a lot of friends, from what you write. I'm not surprised, as sweet as you seem. The scriptures tell us that there are some friends who are closer than brothers. I hope yours ae that kind.

Yes it is, LL, and one memory often triggers another.

Chickenmom said...

Once a gentleman, always a gentleman. Nice to see homes from your past are still around.

Mamahen said...

Great story! I'm sure you made her day bighter . At least it looks like, from what I can tell, as if they are keeping this place in fairly good condition. That"s always nice to see.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I can only imagine the stories that people could tell when they work at or in people's homes. My husband has a few when the carpenters had to go back to a new subdivision home to do the final tweaks after their walk through.

Gorges Smythe said...

Careful there, Cm, it's not nice to call people names!

I have no idea if it's still in her family, Mh, but they've done a lot of fixing on the place in the last few years.

Life can interesting, for sure, Kathy! lol