Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Indiana Governor Wimps Out !

I should have known better. I thought that, perhaps, the governor of Indiana had some backbone. But, NO! There he was on the six o’clock news, back-pedaling and sucking up to the sodomites and their supporters.

The bill that had passed there simply allowed people to refuse to provide services to those whose morals their religion did not support. In other words, they couldn’t be FORCED to deal with people against their will. That’s not a hard concept to grasp; it’s called FREEDOM! Like it or not, freedom automatically allows for a certain amount of discrimination

Several decades ago, however, in the name of improving things for blacks, this country came up with the idea that business people didn’t have the right to say “no.” They couldn’t refuse to serve food, provide service or rent apartments due to someone being black. In essence, they turned what should have been purely a moral issue into a legal one.

Over the years, women, Hispanics, gays and others have gathered under the banner that was originally for blacks, and demanded “fair and equal treatment.” Interestingly enough, it’s perfectly okay for any of those groups to discriminate against white males (or poor people, or unintelligent people, or unattractive people). If you think not, one evening of watching TV (including the commercials) will prove my point.

The bottom line is that discrimination SHOULD be legal. Folks should have some say in who rents their apartment, deals at their store, or hangs out at their restaurant. It’s THEIR place, paid for with THEIR money, and the taxes there are paid by THEM. But, it would be unlike any liberal, politician or otherwise, to give anyone but themselves a choice in anything.

Moral issues not causing life and death situations should be dealt with by the church, not forced down our throats by the government. So, we might ask where IS the church on this issue. The sad answer is that they’ve been back-peddling and sucking up for so many years that they wouldn’t know truth or freedom if you knocked them up alongside the head with it.

And so, we have people hollering for equality once again. Unfortunately, the only way people are ever truly equal, it seems, is when they are equally bad. © 2015


Chickenmom said...

Inch by inch are freedoms are being taken away. I am so sick and tired of all the special little snowflakes out there. What will be our tipping point?
Glad you are feeling better!

Gorges Smythe said...

Some day, Cm, the LORD will straighten it all out!