Thursday, March 5, 2015

We Didn't Need This ! (w/pic)


The neighbor says that she measured 12 inches on the ground. I have no reason to doubt her. I haven't heard a snow plow yet. I don't look for one on our rural road for a couple days; we don't have enough "important" people out this way to motivate them. Even the berms of the local four-lanes will be clear before they send one lonely plow across our road.

There's 200 feet of curved driveway between the truck and the unplowed road. I used to have a tractor to plow it with, but I had to sell it to live on while getting my CDL. Ten years ago, I could have shoveled it by hand, but no more. I could put on the chains, but I'd then have to fight my way to town on unplowed roads. I just hope that I can get to work Monday, if there IS work. There was none today and, I'm sure, there won't be any tomorrow.

The electric has blinked off several times, but has always come back on - so far. If it goes off, we have no heat, except the stove-top in the kitchen. The woodstove continues to sit, chimneyless, in the living room for looks, like my wife wants it. She's afraid that if I hook it up, I'll use it all the time (and I probably would). She wants to sell out and move to town, but after 32 years together, I know that she'd be just as unhappy there as here, so I don't see any gain.

I'm trying to think SPRING! © 2015


Gary in Bama said...

I feel for you we had snow last week. Hope your power stays on, cold dark and a cranky wife makes time stand still .Tell the wife either you hook the wood heater up or you want her with you between the sheets till it warms up !!! :).

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Mostly rain here but starting to get sleet. The ground hasn't dried since last fall so the water is running off.
I can't imagine relying on just electric to heat with, we have some electric and propane for backup for our 3 wood stoves. It only takes one stove most of the time depending on how cloudy and cold it has been during the day.
Too bad your work truck doesn't get a blade put on, your company could make some money clearing rural roads.

Mamahen said...

Spring has to come sooner or later...just at 11 inches of snow here with about an inch of ice under it n our driveway...don't see me. going anywhere soon!

Gorges Smythe said...

I think I'll bite my tongue on that one, Gary! lol

We actually heat with a gas furnace, SF, but it takes electric to run the fan.

Wise decision, Mh!

JaneofVirginia said...

We didn't need this either. My 15 year old Siberian Husky has pneumonia and he will not be happy if the power goes out. (The generator noise, even at a distance, bothers him.)
Stay safe and stay warm, Gorges.

Tewshooz said...

Oh, wow! You are getting all our snow. We are in a drought situation and have gotten no snow this season and should have 4 feet. No snow on the mountains at all.