Friday, April 10, 2015

An Aggravation And A Comedy

Earlier today, my wife and I went to Kroger’s to look for some fish worth cooking. Good, fresh fish is hard to come by in the Ohio Valley. All of the fish in the main cooler was frozen, not fresh, and nearly all was from China, with a couple varieties being from Indonesia. I WILL NOT buy fish from a country that is perfectly willing to poison both our pets and our children. Indonesia isn’t much better, since it’s full of muslims these days. The only things in those cases from the US were one pound packages of shrimp anf scallops, going for about $17 a pack. Interestingly enough, the “product of China” phrase was in tiny print on the back of the packages, while the American flag on the front was quite noticeable. The “product of USA” phrase was equally well-hidden. It sort of made me wonder if they were ashamed of the fact!

We finally found a tiny kiosk with fresh (or freshly thawed) fish that held catfish, salmon and tilapia that said that it was “distributed by” an American company. Unfortunately, nothing was said about the source. Out of desperation, we settled for a couple packs of tilapia and hoped it was domestic. I’ll find out before we buy again. Also, the pieces of fish were rather small, nothing like the large pieces that I remember getting there as a kid. I was pretty disgusted by the whole experience.

This evening, I got my cane from the truck and my chainsaw from the basement and worked-up some of the small trees that have lain at the edge of my lawn all winter. Between my weight, my stiffness, my being in less than good physical condition, and a week’s worth of rain, I figured that I could use a third foot on the ground when moving.

It would surely have been amusing to watch. I’d set the safety on my chainsaw and, with it in one hand and my cane in the other, move around the sloping yard edge to my next work-site. Then, I’d lay down the cane, unlock the safety and do anything I could do without moving my feet too much. Then, I’d repeat the process. It took me a little longer than it would have 20 years ago, when it was still the way that I made part of my living, but I got the job done. I can only imagine what the neighbor must have thought, if he was watching! © 2015


Chickenmom said...

Get out that ole fishing pole and get some catfish! Can't get any fresher than that!

Lady Locust said...

Sounds like you need to string a line from the end of the cane and use it as a fishing pole:) Hubby just left to go with his brother and see if they could nab anything for the last day of steelhead season. We also try to eat local - it can be aggravating at times.
Have a great weekend.

Gorges Smythe said...

That's true, Cm, but bluegills are my favorite.

Thanks, LL, but my wife won't eat anything that comes from around here. She prefers her pollution from farther away. lol

deborah harvey said...

your wife doesn't have to eat it. fix it for yourself--outside, if necessary.
deb h.

Gorges Smythe said...

I've been known to do such things, dh! lol

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Same here with the fish products. You have to read so carefully and then you don't know where it came from if it is just distributed here. Our neighbor has a small lake that is clogged with fish he needs thinned out. I'm not much of a fish fan but my husband and granddaughter are so they fish there. The only other fish we buy is from the churches when there are Lenten fish frys and they supposedly get it from a local source. My husband does eat tuna though so I hope it's OK. I haven't looked at those cans.

Gorges Smythe said...

They say not to get the big tuna steaks, but the cheaper stuff. It comes from younger, smaller fish with less mercury.