Friday, April 10, 2015

Bad Weather, Bad Vibes

Don’t worry; I’m not going to whine about low paychecks today. I’ve done enough of that lately. Besides, I have other things that I can whine about!

The company always has us come in of a morning, even if they know that they won’t have work for at least half of us, due to the weather. I guess it’s their way of giving us at least a few hours on our paychecks. The thing is, no-one really likes sitting around for 2-3 hours until they tell us to go home. It gets boring and your backside gets numb.

The big boss REALLY doesn’t like to pay us for sitting around doing nothing and paces through the place with increased speed and obvious agitation until it’s finally time to tell us to hit the road. One day, he had us wash our trucks between rainstorms. It’s not that I can blame him for his concerns; I’ve had a business before and understand all too well about negative cash-flow.

Naturally, when you put a bunch of guys together for any length of time, the bull pucky starts to flow. That’s not good when you’re wearing low work shoes and each speaker tries to top the last one. Unfortunately, there is also a tendency for things to get a little more tasteless and baldy as time goes on. Sometimes, I just get up and walk around a bit, lest I fall back into my old ways and join them.

The hot air is made hotter by a retired gentleman who inherited some money and has a little too much time on his hands. Though he never worked there, he knows the owners, and drops by nearly every day to join in the bull sessions. I learned quickly not to believe much of what he says. The hard part is knowing what you CAN believe.

 Today, he was on his phone a minute and then informed us that a local creek was flooded and that residents were being evacuated. I didn’t tell him that I was raised on a hill above that creek and knew that the information was highly suspect. THEN he mentioned that the source was his son-in-law and mentioned where he lived. I managed to hold in a laugh. His SIL is as big a goof as he is!

The guy has a business here in the Ohio Valley, and chooses to advertise it while wearing his “cowboy outfit” and riding his horse through his front yard. Now, I like both western wear and horses. In fact, I’ve owned a couple horses in my time. However, I don’t think I’d play cowboy for the camera while advertising a business that had absolutely nothing to do with horses, the west or anything country. Call me odd.

I had to wonder which one had done the lying, the son-in-law or the old guy. I also had to wonder why anyone would tell such a tale in the first place! I suppose some shrink would tell us that the guys have self-image problems, and thus a need for attention and approval. They might even have a theory why “anal retentive’ folks like me let it bug them!

As soon as the checks were ready, they turned us loose and I went to my bank to cash mine. On my way there, I crossed the creek in question, and it was slightly over its bank there at the lower end. After leaving the bank, I followed that same creek out the valley a couple miles until I reached my turn-off. Once I got to the edge of town, it was running about half-bank, with no indication that it had been any higher. I can’t help it, I still wonder what ails some people. © 2015


Vicki said...

Whenever I have to sit around and wait, I keep thinking of all the things I could and should be doing. Maybe we both need to relax a bit, ya think? :)

Gorges Smythe said...

Could be, Vicki; could be! lol