Saturday, April 4, 2015

Have A Blessed Resurrection Day !

I'm one of those rare few that lean toward a Wednesday crucifixion and a Saturday sundown resurrection.Most folks believe in a Friday crucifixion and a Sunday morning resurrection. The truth is that NO-ONE will ever know, for sure, the exact moment of our Savior's exit from the grave. It's the same for His birth. Perhaps that's because our Father wants us to concentrate on the FACTS of the Messiah's birth, death and resurrection, NOT the times. And so we should.

I believe that we could probably count the years before the "rapture" on one hand, IF the Lord chose to let us know the time (He doesn't). To my understanding, when the Messiah gathers his church, the door will forever slam closed for the salvation of any more gentiles, PERIOD! The time of tribulation will be solely for the salvation of any Jews that chose to accept the one we call "Jesus" as their redeemer. Most of them will pay with their lives for their decision, from what I've read.

THEREFORE, we need to remember our friends and relatives who have never accepted the Messiah as their own. THEY HAVE VERY LITTLE TIME LEFT. Soon, it will be forever too late. The same is true for anyone who feels they're "almost" saved, but not quite there yet. You need to make things right with the Lord IMMEDIATELY!

We don't have to convince one another of the details about timing, only that the Savior has already paid for the sins of all who accept him. As we celebrate, let's also dedicate what time we have remaining to encouraging others to accept the Messiah, before it's forever too late. AND, whether you start celebrating the resurrection at sundown today, or tomorrow at dawn, please do so with JOY. May God bless you all.

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