Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ditching The Duggars

Well, the heathens among us will be happy. They dug deeply enough that they found some dirt on the Duggars. They had to go back 12 years, but they found it. Now, they can use it to insinuate that the whole family, and even all of Christendom, is corrupt. TLC has dutifully cancelled the show, I’m told. I assume because they’re spinelessly giving in to politically correct pressure to paint all Christians as guilty for the sins of one 15-year-old kid.

I don’t know the details of what Josh did, and I’m not sure that I want to, but I certainly don’t approve of child molesters going unpunished. Still, he came forward on his own back then; he wasn’t discovered and accused by others. That shows me that he was raised right and was under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. God can forgive him, even if people can’t. Since this was apparently dealt with back then, exhuming the long-past crime at this point serves only to provide ammunition for the haters. There will be calls for blood, maybe literally. One homosexual commented that perhaps his lifestyle now didn’t look so bad by comparison. Perhaps he’s right, but I doubt if he’s 15 any longer, either.

When accusations and hatred fly thick in the media, I frequently find myself remembering a line by Sinclair Lewis from It Can’t Happen Here (a book I highly recommend): “Every man is a king, who has someone to look down upon.” © 2015


Lamb said...

Actually, Josh Dugger confessed AFTER a couple of his victims told his parents according to all reports. He wasn't reported to police until after a year or so when a friend borrowed a book from the Duggers and found a hand written account of the incidents tucked inside. The only counseling he received was religious and a *stern talk* from a state trooper friend of the family (said trooper now serving 56 years in the pen for many, many counts of child pornography). It is reported the girls were told to forgive their brother and received no counseling.
As far as anyone criticizing the Duggars, please remember the family put themselves out there as examples of fundamentalist Christians and a *quiver full* family. High profile = greater fall from grace in the public sentiments.
I have no opinion on the family. Never watched the show.

JaneofVirginia said...

I am told that a person treated for child molestation as a young person can in fact be successfully treated, whereas an adult usually cannot. If this is true then I am glad that this young man was treated and won't harm anyone else.
Secondly, when a young person fondles another young person, does that meet the definition of child molestation.....really ?
I have never seen the program, but if people enjoyed it, I don't know why it is being taken off. Our nation let Bill Clinton stay in the White House following sexual misconduct actually IN the oval office, and on OUR time. I guess the American people aren't so forgiving now.

Gorges Smythe said...

You obviously know more about it than I do, Lamb. I just think it's very apparent that far too many people are delighted to have an excuse to hate the whole family, and other Christians as well.

Valid points, Jane.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Well, the Duggars sought the limelight, and you know what is said about things meant to remain hidden. In regards to the commentary I've heard on news shows, all of it has been strictly focused upon the Duggars--not Christianity in general. A CNN segment even had on a rather militant GLAD supporter, who did not take any cheap shots at the Christian community as a whole. Although, I do not doubt it happening.

buddeshepherd said...

You must understand there is no more forgiveness or redemption. You are what you are and you cannot change.
This is essential to being able to live your life as a victim.
Also, there is an amazing double standard. Society now has somewhat of a random definition of what is deviant behavior. Twenty years from now this could be considered ok behavior if enough people find it "ok." Of course we can't even imagine that happening now but then who knew 30 years ago that people would find cigarette smoking the crime of the century.
In my humble opinion.
Not excusing the behavior just bringing up a couple ideas...

Gorges Smythe said...

Actually, Jerry, the anti-Christian comments have come from individuals. The media may know better than to get too carried away, as that could open them up for lawsuits.

The points are valid, Budd. As one person said, if this was Bill Clinton who molested children when himself a minor, everyone would be winking and saying that "boys will be boys."

deborah harvey said...

'fondling', whatever that may amount to, is molestation.
would you want it done to you?

Gorges Smythe said...

A bit snide, dh, but point taken.

Its Time to Live said...

The problem as I see is is now the Media, and the world are dragging the victims through it again and again. Let them live there lives and move on. We do not need to sling mud and drag them through it again. There was a problem, they confronted it, they are human like all of us. We ALL have our skeletons and things we would like to forget. Those who speak the loudest and longest tend to have the most in my opinion.