Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Great Mystery

As I cruised back toward the shop, after a hard day’s driving, I was enjoying the relaxed feeling of the wider road and the lesser twists and turns of the larger two-lane. I was passing through a narrow wooded valley when I noticed something white near the center of the road far ahead. The hillsides and the tiny valley floor were covered completely with young forest with surprisingly little undergrowth. The effect was that you could see a long distance through the woods in any direction. There were no driveways, outbuildings or houses, so I assumed that the white thing in the road ahead was a piece of trash or litter from some passing vehicle.

As I drew closer, I could see that a slight breeze was ruffling some of the material on the pancake-flat object. The nearer I got, the more feather-like the material looked. Suddenly, I realized that the narrow part pointing my direction had a yellow beak and a pink comb attached. The white, fluttering things were indeed feathers. There, in the seeming middle of nowhere, lay someone’s white leghorn chicken—dehydrated and severely compacted.

Having recognized the object for what it was, I took another quick look around me. Nope, there was no sign of human habitation in the considerable distance that I could see along the valley or up the hillsides. SO, where did this avian adventurer hail from? What brought her to this lonely section of country highway? And WHY,…..WHY did she feel the need to cross the road? © 2015


Chickenmom said...

She wanted to tell the possum it could (maybe) be done? :o)

Pumice said...

That last line found me with coffee in my mouth and almost up my nose. I should have seen it coming.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

Could be, Cm, could be. Guess it will have to wait another generation now!

Yeah, Pumice, yer slippin'.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

LOL, the age old question. Maybe it got loose during transport or dumped. Someone out here dumped a white rooster and another chicken with it. They lived in the culvert for awhile, you couldn't get near them. I suppose something finally ate them.

Gorges Smythe said...

Actually Kathy, I'd wonderd, too, if they'd fallen off a truck.