Friday, May 15, 2015

The Little House On The Hill (w/pics)

One thing about about being an over-the-hill truck jockey on water pills is that it has helped me develop the ability to spot a plastic privy at 1000 yards. Of course, some are placed in some pretty obvious locations. (Thank goodness!) One case in point is the "welcome station" at our local landfill. You can see it at the top of the grade as you head for the hinterlands of the fill. In fact, it almost appears that the reason for the road is access to the privy.

As you get closer, it warms the cockles a' yer 'eart to know that the garbage folks saw fit to provide this service to those who bring them their trash, their junk and their putrid refuse. One thought: this hilltop location, while well venilated, might make it an unwise place to sit and ponder the deeper problems of life during a thunderstorm.

Like most guys, I actually make use of the facility on the way back out, since you can drive right up to the door and barely take two steps to get inside ( a good thing at a landfill). Incidentally, they've chosen to use a large size that is handicapped accessible. It's nice and roomy, unlike some that I've been in where a big guy like me can just about rub on all four sides at once!

It;s said that babyhood and extreme old age are the only two stages of life when it's acceptable to make bowel movements the center of your life. Unfortunately, for anyone with an artificially active bladder, there's also a stage where plastic privies (or restrooms of ANY kind, including BIG bushes) maintain a large part of your thinking! I ,for one, never dreamed that the day would come that I'd be telling folks that true happiness comes from having an empty bladder. Of course, there might be one thing worse - being so bored that you read this drivel! lol I hope your day is filled with nobler thoughts. © 2015


Sunnybrook Farm said...

You need to have your mechanic drill a hole for a flexible hose so you can find relief without slowing down. They had them in WW2 fighter planes.

Mamahen said...

Hubby n I often comment on the fact that you know your old when the highpoint of your day is a "good bm" lol :))

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

LOL, and I here laughed at my husband who has scouted out johnnys. The park in town has several and then I hear Home Depot is also a favorite!

Chickenmom said...

When youngest son was an OTH driver, he kept a plastic coffee can with the snap on lid everywhere he went. Rest stops were few and far between!

Mary Ann said...

I knew someone who carried large popcorn containers :-) I sympathize with you, Gorge!

Gorges Smythe said...

SF, I suggested a kilt and a catheter, but my employer just laughed at me!

Guess our priorities change, Mh, or maybe we're just getting wiser, after all, most of the world's problems come from folks that are too full of it.

He and I are just connoisseurs of fine relief facilities, Kathy!

People don't realize just HOW far apart for trucks, Cm; you can't just wheel them into McD's for a quick drain!

That means a lot, Mary Ann! lol