Sunday, June 7, 2015

Duggar Situation Brings Out The Haters

 With all the attention focused on the family, I actually feel sorry for ALL the Duggars, including Josh. He tried to do the right thing by coming forward on his own and trying to stop his wickedness. He seems to have succeeded, with much help. As for the affected girls, the current media circus has violated them far more than the actions of their brother, considering that they were not even aware of what had happened back then, until they were told. As for the parents, I wouldn't wish their situation on anyone. Some folks, though, seem to want to line the whole family up for the firing squad.

I've seen few issues bring the haters out like this story. The hatred isn't reserved just for the Duggars themselves, but for anyone who doesn't think an sdult should be drawn and quartered for acts committed as a young teen. I've decided that much of that hatred probably comes from two sources, though I have no way to prove it. The majority are down on the Duggars at large, not just Josh. I think that's because they're personally at war with God, and the Duggars represent Him in their minds. Therefore, since they hate God for not approving of their sins, they hate the Duggars even more, since they have earthly faces at which they can aim their vitriole. As unrentant sinners, those folks can't know that "winning" a war against God is the ultimate defeat.

The other group is the surprisingly large numbers of people in this country who have, themselves, been victims of sexual abuse, often of the violent type, and feel that no-one who has even harbored a single thought of pedaphilia can be human. Their position is more understandable, but still distorted. The sad thing is, there may never be a way for them to truly heal until they can forgive the individual who violated them. (Remember that forgiveness and approval are two ENTIRELY different things.) The more I see and hear, the more I think this story has tarnished the reputation of the media and general citizenry even more than it has the Duggars. THEY, at least, seem to have some sense of compassion. © 2015


Pumice said...

Right on target. Hatred for God and refusal to forgive go hand in hand. Remember the words of the Lord's prayer that to do with forgiving us as we forgive others.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

My wife told me that Hagee said we should all say the Lord's Prayer nightly before retiring. Not a bad idea.