Friday, June 19, 2015

Not A Good Week

I thought that I was going to have a little extra cash last week to apply toward bills, but I ended up using it Sunday to go to the quick clinic. I finally realized that I was into my yearly sinus infection, and every hour that I put it off would increase my suffering and recovery time. So, there went $100. According to their records, I’d skipped last year. I hadn’t realized that.

At work Monday, my truck went on the fritz as I was leaving the lot, and the owners decided to take it to the dealer a few miles up the river. Since I wasn’t feeling well and I would have been put in a different truck, I chose to go home, though I only had two hours in at the time.

Tuesday, I waited a couple hours to even be assigned a load, and then had to take the truck of a guy who was working evenings. It was hard for me to climb into the big Volvo, plus it was a standard. It’s been eight years since I’ve driven a standard regularly, and I’m VERY rusty. Shockingly, I didn’t rake a lot of gears, but I did miss a few completely. I had to stop my day a bit early to return the truck and get it ready for the night-shift guy. I felt lousy all day.

Wednesday, I waited three hours for a load and then was assigned yet another standard Volvo. I had the same problem getting in, and the seat-belt in that one choked me even worse than the one from the day before. I felt even worse than the day before, plus, my water pills were going wild and I needed to pee about every half-hour to 45 minutes. Twice, I couldn’t make it to a john and I had to improvise. Once, I settled for a big bush on the access road to the landfill. The other time, I had to answer nature’s call behind a pickup parked in the storage shed of the waste-water treatment plant. The former wouldn’t have been so bad, since I grew up on a farm, but it was pouring rain, plus, I fell down on my hike to the bush and got soaked from head to foot. From the odor of my urine, I finally figured out that I have a urinary tract infection to go with my sinus infection. I thought that was a female thing! Oh well, the same antibiotic should cure them both. I felt lousy all day.

Thursday, two other guys and myself were sent home after waiting three hours for a load that never came.

Today, Friday, there were ten of us that suffered that fate (again, after a three hour wait), but at least we had our paychecks when we left. I noticed I’d gotten a 45 cent raise (I’ll have to give the bosses a thank-you card). Every little bit helps, but rain-free weather would be a bigger boon to my pay right now. Construction jobs shut down when the mud gets too deep.

I’m sore and achy in the shoulders and hips from making those 20-24 inch steps to drag my overweight carcass into the trucks I was driving the last couple days. I hope I have my truck back Monday, I could use some comfort and some good news. © 2015


Ralph Goff said...

Hope you get a break weather and health wise soon Gorges. Sounds like you need it.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Sounds like a week to forget. Maybe the truck will be ready on Monday and your antibiotic will kick in. Of course the rain may come over from out west and mud up things.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I hope things improve, I feel your pain. I don't like this getting old thing where you don't feel as well as you did twenty years ago. I don't believe I could do your job. I'd never get in the truck, I couldn't manage to drive it forward much less backwards and currently need a restroom close and as a woman, the bush won't work well. Sigh. Feel better.

deborah harvey said...

1 the anti biotic for sinus may NOT be the right one for the bladder infection. ask your doctor.
2 get cranberry capsules and take them every day for the rest of your life.
3 while the bladder is infected cut back on sugar a bit. do not use artificial sweeteners but try agave nectar--available at walmart.
4 get a neti pot and use every day with a bit of salt in the water. also available in walmart pharmacy department.

these small things will add greatly to your comfort and none are as expensive as doctor visits.

love in Jesus,
deb h.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yeah Ralph, especially the weather (and my old truck back).

Only time will tell, SF! lol

Thanks for your sympathy, Kathy. I guess I just needed a good whine! lol

Thanks, dh.
1 - Time will tell on the antibiotic.
2 - I've got some dried cranberries that I am sharing with the dog. (She sometimes has the same problem.)
3 - I will try to cut back on sugar, but I don't use artificial sweeteners much anyway.
4 - Im have a neti pot already, IF I can find it! lo
Thanks for your concern, dh, and Jesus is the greatest!