Friday, June 26, 2015

They’re Selling My Truck!

I’ve only driven one truck as my regular truck since I hired on with my employer 11 months ago. It’s a 2006 Mack tri-axle with a 16 foot dump bed. It’s also an automatic. It’s one of only two that I fit into comfortably, and I suspect they’re selling the other one, too. The boss just decided that they’re too expensive to maintain. Whether that belief is based on speculation or solid bookkeeping, I really don’t know. I DO know that I didn’t hear anything about it until my truck blew a tire this afternoon, something completely unrelated to the truck itself. Who’s to say?

I DO know that I’ll miss my little truck. It goes places that some bigger ones won’t go. Plus, I’ll have to get used to driving a standard again, after eight years of driving automatics. And then there’s the problem with most cabs not allowing enough room to adjust for fat guys like me. The other fat guy with the company is driving the twin to mine. He may be out, too.

My years of self-employment had their problems, but they had their good points, too. One was not being completely dependent on the whims of any one person. Sometimes, I miss those days. © 2015


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Well, Mack is generally rather proud of their parts--usually much more so than other brands, but keeping you happy ought to count for a pretty penny or two, as well.

Sixbears said...

I'd have a hard time to work for someone else right now. Got too used to being independent. However, my pension is losing enough buying power that I'm working on some self directed projects to generate a bit of income.

Pumice said...

I always feel that way when they make us sit in student desks during meetings at school. If I think it will do any good I ask if the have any adult chairs. I don't think that would work with dump trucks.

Maybe they will buy a brand new one for you.

Maybe not.

Grace and peace.

Chickenmom said...

The down side of losing a vehicle that your comfortable with is like losing an old friend. The upside is maybe you'll be getting a new truck!

Mamahen said...

That is really a shame!!! Praying it all works out for the best for you!!!

Ralph Goff said...

Don't you just hate it when somebody goes and changes everything just about the time you have got comfortable with it. ? I do.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I understand! We changed offices, and while not a truck, I sat in a large private cubicle 8 x 10 for 15 years, large desk surface and a private wardrobe to put your coat and lock up your purse. Our section was moved to a new building with basically a wooden block with two GIANT monitors (44 inches all together), a phone, wireless keyboard and mouse. No lockers, one small lateral draw to hold our things and a shelf. Completely open, bosses lost their offices unless they were at the top and even those are all glass so you can see inside them. I'm getting used to it but the open space without any privacy and storage/ work space is taking some getting used to.

Gorges Smythe said...

Jerry. I've learned that with the "big" boss (older brother) us guys count for nothing.

That's the best way to do it, Sixbears. Your work may vary, but at least you won't get fired!

Are you sayingn that I should ask for an "adult size" dump truck, Pumice? Incidentally, new trucks get issued by seniority, IF the driver wants it.

I just hope there's room for me in the next one, Cm.

Thanks, Mh.

Sure do, Ralph!

That WOULD be a big change, Kathy!

Gail said...

I hope the new truck works out well. I can drive a standard which seems to be rarer these days than it used to be.

I do love horses. I donated mine to a ranch for troubled youth. In less than a year all mine were promoted to the show barn and have their own child. It's makes me proud and also, still very sad.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm more concerned about roominess, Gail, but I AM spoiled with the automatic. Your horses must have been well trained.