Saturday, June 13, 2015

Too Tired To Blog

I appreciate the larger paychecks that come from 60 hour weeks, but it sure doesn’t leave me any time to blog, OR do much of anything else. I’ve discovered that I’m not made for such hours. I’m chronically sleepy (a bad thing for a driver) and grumpy (a bad thing for my wife and my dog). I slurp coke through the day to keep from falling asleep at the wheel and take anti-acids to counter its effects on my stomach. No, I think 50 hours is more than enough, but the larger paychecks ARE helping me catch up a bit on my doctor bills.

I started the week hauling limestone sand to fill in part of an old sewage treatment plant. They call it a “waste-water treatment plant” now. I’m not impressed, as a “rose” by any other name,…..well, you get the idea. Interestingly enough, they’re erecting a new medical building next door to it. Maybe the change in terminology WILL serve some purpose! LOL

I hauled some stone to a new medical building going in across the river in enemy territory this week also. I’m glad to see the little town finally get the medical facility that it deserves. Now their ambulances won’t have to bring them across a state line to our town, OR speed them several miles up the river to the hospital in the next town.

I spent the last two days hauling top soil and fill dirt from a little power plant up the river to the farm of one of the fellows working there on a building project. It was a fellow that was in school when I was, so we were vaguely acquainted. His first wife was a girl from my French class in high school, plus, I used to do a lot of business with his brother back when I had the sawmill. The thing I’ll always remember most about the guy was that he was on the wrestling team and took on the wrestling bear during half-time at a Globe Trotters game here in town. The funny thing was, the guy WON and the bear got angry about it!

As I looked around that jobsite those two 93 degree days, I noticed that most of the workers were older, like he and I. The only younger fellows were the “educated” kids riding around in the air-conditioned pickups with blueprints and cups of coffee. I couldn’t help but wonder who will do the grunt labor when my generation retires. SOMEBODY still has to get their hands dirty, and the fewer folks willing to do it, the more those jobs will pay. I suspect I know who will be doing that work, and they won’t be speaking English as their first language.

I’ve noticed several small gas-fired power plants going in the region. As much as I think it was unwise to rush the closing of the coal-fired plants, I believe the smaller, more numerous plants are the way to go. For one thing, no one act of terrorism could shut them all down. Also, if one plant has to go down, it won’t affect such large numbers of people. The only problem I see is that they’re still, undoubtedly, tied together with an antiquainted grid system.

There was a bad wreck out on the four-lane a day or two ago. Someone rear-ended another vehicle in a work zone. That vehicle was knocked into a third, which was then knocked into a fourth. The bad thing was, a worker was between the third and fourth vehicles and was crushed to death. He was only in his 40’s. I see people do stupid stuff every day in those work zones, both the folks driving by AND the workers. It’s amazing there aren’t more people killed.

I hit the big six-zero Thursday and, even though we have a “no gifts” policy for us older members of the family, my 85-year-old mother wanted to do something special for me. SO, I suggested she make me a few chocolate chip cookies. I went by today to pick them up and pay her with a hug. She also gave me a hymnal from the old church that’s closing down that has my aunt’s name printed in the front. I’m to give it to the cousin that helped install my water tank, since it’s his grandmother’s name in the book. I saw him earlier today when he put some freon in my pickup’s AC. Guess I’ll see him again tomorrow.

As I came home from town today, where I’d gone to get a haircut, I topped our ridge to find a doe standing right on the center-line nursing her fawns. I stopped the truck, but they left quickly anyway. The doe picked one of her rear feet up as high as her belly to keep from knocking one of her fawns over as she moved. Now THAT’S being a gentle mother! I didn’t have my camera, unfortunately—maybe next time. © 2015


Vicki said...

I hear the same thoughts from Oldest son, who is working five 12-hour days plus 8 hours on Saturday. And he is no spring chicken either, at nearly 52 years old. But he shows up every day and does whatever the job requires, while some of those in their 30's whine to go home early and just plain don't show up on Saturday. But then, Son has a good work ethic, something that seems to be sorely lacking these days.

And a belated Happy Birthday! I don't feel a bit sorry for you though, because my 69th was last Sunday! (insert big grin here)

HermitJim said...

Congrats on the BD! Take care on working all those long hours, buddy. Takes it's toll on all us older guys, ya know?

Have a great weekend!

Ralph Goff said...

I"d noticed your infrequent blog posts lately and wondered if everything was ok. I guess you were busy celebrating that milestone birthday. I don't keep track but I might be working 60 hour weeks too. Of course it is a whole different story when you are working for yourself.

Chickenmom said...

Happy, happy birthday, Gorges! 'Hope you enjoyed all those homemade cookies!
Please be careful when driving all those hours.

JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks for blogging, Gorges. Please take good care.

Pumice said...

Work while you can and blog when you can't. But you know that. You were praying for work. I feel like the Lord thought I was praying for patience.

Grace and peace.

Mamahen said...

Happy belated birthday my friend..been thinking/praying about you on these hot days....Take care out there!!!

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks for your comments, Vicki. I hope your 69th was a good day!

Thanks, Jim.

Yeah, Ralph, but even working for yourself can get old after so many hours. Still, I'd be doing it again, if I had my druthers.

Thanks, Cm. I shared some of those cookies with my long-lost cousin earlier today.m He's single and 50, so I think he'll enjoy them.

Thanks, Jane.

May we both get what He knows we need, Pumice. lol

Thanks, Mh, that's appreciated.