Friday, July 10, 2015

Three Photos From This Week

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The photo above was taken in the yard at work. For now, I can park my pickup beside my work truck, so I can transfer my lunch and such a lot easier; plus, I don't have far to walk to go to work! "Old '53" isn't a large truck; it has a 16 foot long bed with five foot sides. The bottom, outside corners of the bed are rounded, to make it dump cleaner, so I don't know the exact yardage of the bed. I hope they have trouble finding a buyer, because I'd love to keep driving it, insread of another.

I've posted a picture of this building on here before, but I find it interesting, so I put it here again. It;s ugly, but it has a sort of historic, "ghost town" look. Still, I hope it gets torn down before long. I hauled debris from the plant a couple days last week, from sections that were being demolished. This week, I spent part of my time hauling some contaminated soil from the area to the rear of where I snapped this photo.

Since it was rainy, the dump was muddy, so they opened the "tire wash" on the way out and blocked other exits, so you HAD to go through it. It's NOT to wash off germs, but to get the mud knocked off, before it makes it to the highway, where the state could issue them a ticket. With all the "flora and fauna" in that mud, I'd think they should be able to grow some monster carp in that holding tank to the right of the wash! LOL © 2015


Gail said...

Continue to heal. You are in my thoughts.

Not a ugly building at all. Very interesting but I love history.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Gail.