Saturday, August 15, 2015

Going To The Vet

It's been two years since our little pooch has been to the vet. Either due to itching or boredom, she'd scratched and chewed off nearly every hair that she could reach, and had herself stinking something awful from her efforts.  Our Long-Haired Dachshund was soon going to look like a Mexican Hairless if we didn't do something. Lack of money was the reason that we'd put it off so long, the same reason that it has been even longer since either of us has been to the dentist or eye doctor. I had a little overtime this week, though, and figured that I could spare a hundred or so, if need be.

I  called the vet during a stop along the road this week and got an appointment for 8 o'clock this Saturday (today). The vet who I was supposed to have was running late, so another vet stepped in and waited on me at 8:30. She soon diagnosed the problem as a primary allergy to something, which caused the itching, licking and scratching. This, in turn, caused a fungal infection and a slight flea infestation, plus she had an ear infection. In 20 years of having a dog in the house, this was the first time for a flea problem. The vet did find one live flea on her, though. The pooch ended up getting a needle in each quarter, one for the fleas, one to help with the itching, one for the fungal infection, and one shot for distemper, which was past due.

I discussed with the vet about getting her the anti-itch shot more often, but that my wife and I knew it could bring on diabetes. She said it might not be needed every month, and that not all dogs were sensitive to it anyway. The poor little thing is so miserable that we may take the chance; she's certainly miserable as is. Even if she does turn diabetic, that's something that's treatable. The vet said she'd send the meds to the front desk, so we said our goodbye's and I went over to the desk to square up. I about fainted when the girl said  “$289". I don't think we'll be having any more dogs after this one.

Oh well, it's not like we need to eat this week! ;-) © 2015


Tewshooz said...

DINO VITE. Put a little in her food and watch the itching stop. Cheaper than the vet. Get it online. It works and I am not affiliated with the company in any way.

Mamahen said...

Your poor baby and I know the vet costs are horrible....that's why my girls seldom go!!!

Vicki said...

Sorry to hear that the Mighty Dachshund has been having problems, and even more sorry to hear what it costs to help her. That's the very reason I haven't replaced my Yorkies since they died. My vet put an addition on his house/office, and I didn't want to pay for it!

Mamahen said...

On a different note...I had to get a new phone a few days ago and since the I can't comment on the three blogs I follow...It says comment as Google account instead of mamahen n then when I try...the comment won't print. I was surprised the ones on fb said mamahen n seem to have posted ok. Would you have any idea why that is or how to correct it?

Gail said...

The old days of vets being reasonable are gone. A mere spaying turned into three hundred plus at the vet. Garlic repels fleas and ticks. The tablet may be cheaper and do the same thing. For skin problems we used to give one dog vitamin E every day. It eliminated the hot spots and made her coat shiny but bacon grease will also do that...but the bacon is too high!

Wishing you more overtime.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Wow, that is expensive! I hope the poor little thing improves right away. I think there are some home remedies for fleas you could look up. I know we had to spring for the monthly drops for two cockers when we had dogs plus the heart worm chews. That was expensive.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'll have to check that out, Tewshooz. Thanks.

I can understand THAT, Mh!

MINE is moving and building a new office, Vicki. We thought the same sort of thing.

Get one of your grandkids to help you, Mh.

Gail, the man who started that office, many years ago, would be appalled at what a rip-off it has become. They don't even work with large animals anymore. It's hard to find vets to work with horses and cattle around here!

Yes, Kathy, you're right, the heart worm things are expensive, as well.

deborah harvey said...

since october have been at the vet's every week or every other week
vet tech told me one month we had paid their electricity bill.

try bathing dog in warm water mixed with hydrogen peroxide
when skin is no longer raw add a little cider vinegar to the wash water.

Chickenmom said...

Good heavens, that's expensive! Remember when there was a time when you found a dog and just bought it home? You only had to get a license and the people at the firehouse gave out free rabies shots.
'Hope your little pooch mends quickly!
Hi Mamahen - Missed 'ya! Glad you are OK and it's just your phone!

Sixbears said...

We got problems because we travel so much. Our dog brings home exotic fleas form all over the place. We are always changing flea treatments on the poor thing as many fleas are resistant to meds. Constant combing with flea soap helps. At least when I shut the house down in the winter all the bugs freeze. We were doing really well this summer until recently. I think the new neighbor's dog brought over some lovely new fleas for us to play with.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'll tell the missuss, dh; she handles that job.

Thanks, Cm. And I hope Mh gets the problem solved soon, also.

It's not ALWAYS nice to make new acquaintances, I guess, Sixbears.