Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Pooches And My Health, Plus Sundry Blather

It was great to see the change in the Mighty Dachshund by the evening of the day we took her to the vet. In fact, she seemed calmer even on the ride home. With a shot for the itch, she got her first decent night's sleep in months. That translated into a better night's sleep for my wife, too, since they sleep in the same room. If the anti-itch shot is used too often to treat her allergy symptoms, it could make her diabetic. Considering her age and discomfort, we've decided to use it however much she actually needs it, and if she turns diabetic, we'll deal with it.

Speaking of dogs (and cats), just a word to the wise, Some folks are answering those “found dog” ads and collecting dogs to use as bait for dog fighting. If you find a lost pet, don't advertise the breed or show its picture. Make THEM furnish that information to prove ownership. The world is full of evil, cold-hearted people.

My own health is less stellar than the pup’s. It seems to just be a matter of good days and bad. On the good days, I feel like I'm getting better. On the bad ones, like yesterday, I'll have to stop a half-dozen times to catch my breath WHILE SHOWERING! Yesterday evening, it was finally cool enough that I could stack some wood and get it off the ground. And so, I would stack 3-4 pieces of wood and sit down to catch my breath, over and over until the small job was done. I'm sure I would have looked like the world's laziest woodcutter to anyone watching, but at least I won't have to mow around those pieces of wood any longer.

I've actually started using the electric cart at Walmart on occasion. I try to use it quickly and get done, so someone who needs it worse than I can have it when they come in. Our gutters need cleaned before this fall’s crop of leaves start falling, so I'm going to have to hire the neighbor, since I can't climb a ladder anymore. I'm thinking of turning one upstairs window into a clandestine door, so I can access the roof for small jobs. Like using the cart, it’s another adjustment that needs made.

My health situation has caused my wife and I to have some discussions about what to do should either of us croak. It's a discussion every couple should have. She didn't have it with her first husband, and says a lot of things would have been easier on her if they'd prepared. I've got a “little black book” now sitting on my desk, filled not with the names of loose women, but with instructions of things to do after I'm gone. It covers life insurance, funeral preferences, bequeathments and so on.

There's a tendency to ask why God allows such things, when trouble or tragedy wallops us up alongside the head. I know I wondered why the Lord sent me to the telemarketing job and then left me there for four years. Later, I realized it was to show me how much I'd taken the good things in my life for-granted. I suspect it’s a similar reason that he's let my health turn sour for a while. Plus, if our bodies are the Lord's temples, I have certainly been guilty of dereliction of duty, when it comes to maintenance.

I'd originally planned to retire at 62, since the numbers said that I'd have to live an extra 13 years to recoup the money I'd lose by NOT retiring early. I figured the chances of a fat guy living to age 75 were slim (pardon the pun). Then I decided that I wouldn't be able to afford to do so. This breathing thing has got me re-convinced that early is best. Maybe I can find some way to enjoy a bit of life while I still can. Of course, Obama may yet take away that option. If he does, you can be sure no future republican would restore it. Regardless, the Lord will provide. © 2015


Gail said...

Wonderful that the dog is doing better. Not so wonderful you are not. It seems like there's some improvement and lots of determination.


Sixbears said...

Good luck with your health issues. I know how tough it can be when you can't breath right.

Anyone who's worked blue collar jobs probably should retire early if the can swing it at all. Hard work takes its toll.

Gorges Smythe said...

The Lord will get me through it, Gail.

I suspect you're right, Sixbears.

Harry Flashman said...

Getting older isn't fun. My wife and I were talking in the car today, and it's harder for both of us to get through a day physically than we ever thought it would be. But we are trying to just focus on the good things, like me being retired, and her retiring before long. Then we can do some modest traveling and spend more time together.

I don't think anyone ever reaches a nirvana like stage where they don't have problems, it's just that the problems are different at each distinct period of life.

Just slide by one day at a time. I always wring a good sunrise and good sunset out of a day, no matter what else may crop up in the interim.

Gorges Smythe said...

Wise words, Harry!

Chickenmom said...

Glad your little friend is doing better. As for getting older and slowing down we are lucky to still be able to do it!. Hubby and I, after saying 'Good Morning' to each other, thank God for another day!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We've discussed that too. My problem is that I need to make instruction booklets on how to do things like run the tractor, the septic system, and all the other things he tends to. When my father in law passed he had everything pretty well in order so Tom could take over the management of the house, finances and his mother who is in the nursing home with dementia. They have a trust so there were very clear instructions on who manages it and what is to be done so there would be no problems within the family.

Gorges Smythe said...

Cm, I used to thank the Lord for everything good in my life. Now I thank Him for EVERYTHING. The reason is because I saw the truth in the saying "Everything in life is either a blessing or a lesson."

Kathy, it's always good to be prepared ahead for anything. It's just good sense.