Saturday, September 5, 2015


I've mentioned this subject before, at some point, though I can't remember when. Most folks have a basic idea that karma is a matter addressed by the old saying, “What goes around comes around.” I hear there's actually more to karma than that, but the idea serves my purposes well enough. The Bible teaches that whatever a man sows, he also reaps, and that bread cast on the waters (good deeds) returns to you, eventually. Of course, the same thing works with bad deeds as with good ones. I recently had an experience that caused me to think of reaping what we sow.

I was having an enjoyable break from making deliveries from New Martinsville's stone yard. A little dirt job in the next county had me hauling dirt from a guy's pasture field, where he was building a pond, to a fill in the nearby town, where they had demolished a block of dilapidated and fire-damaged buildings.

On the second round, my water pill kicked in, and I stopped at a local gas station to use the restroom and buy a small pastry (so I'd be a customer). During the next round, I got a call from the shop telling me that they'd gotten a call from the land-owner, saying that I was taking too long on my rounds and was “gumming up the works.” I told them I'd stopped to take a wiz, and that was all I could think of, but I'd try to be as quick about my work as possible.

What struck me as odd was that the owner had left before we even started loading, and hadn't returned. Also, the term “gum up the works” sounded like something a person would say who was ON SITE. The owner wasn't there. The loader-man had no reason to complain, nor the guys where we were dumping our loads. That left only the two other drivers, one from my company, and the other guy, who had a small one-man trucking company in that town. I couldn't help but feel that the other trucker was the cause of the problem and was ratting on me.

During the fifth round, the owner returned for a few minutes, but he wouldn't look at me. By the seventh round, about three hours after the first, I had to make another “pit”-stop. As I started my eighth round, I got a phone call from the shop transferring me to another job. I then heard another driver get transferred to my job by shop radio. I was livid!

The next job was not as pleasant as the one I had been on, but at least I had no rat-fink watching over my shoulder. The only scenario that made sense to me was that the other driver thought that if he could discredit my employer in any way, he might pick up more business. Even if they just worked short a man, the guy would stand to work a longer day. SO, though he called me by name on the CB, and acted all friendly, I'm certain that he was putting a bug in the ear of the landowner. What galled me, is that neither he, nor the owner, cared if their behavior might cost me my job. (I knew it wouldn't, but THEY didn't know that.)

When I got in that evening, I asked if they'd gotten a second phone call. They were a little surprised that I asked, but admitted that they had. I told them the order of events and my suspicions. They felt it was interesting, too.

I asked the Lord to help me forgive the two fellows, because I didn't know if I could do it on my own. I even asked that He forgive them, too. Unfortunately for them, if they've lived a life of similar behavior, some of their actions are bound to come home to roost, in one form or another. © 2015


Alexandra of Virginia said...

Great post ! I read it and was thinking that for me, one of the advantages of getting a little older is that we do live to see some of the people who have done damaging things in our lives or around us, reap what they have sown. Sadly, it never feels very good to see someone who would do evil or something nasty, be the recipient of it, often many fold. I try to pray that people who would do bad things find the understanding they so desperately need. Best wishes,

Gail said...

And most times the ones tattling are also the ones slacking.

It's so sad when you have to defend going to the bathroom! They allow that even in prison.

Have a blessed weekend.

deborah harvey said...

glad you've got a smart boss.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Jane.

You're right about that, Gail. Thanks.

Me too, dh.